First Service Pack for WC Saga Deutsch and WCS Plus (January 6, 2017)


Luke and the rest of the team continue to extend and refine the Wing Commander Saga experience. The previous release (1.0.9) dated back to November and added support for creating help overlays in mods, as well as fixing a few minor language related issues. To spare you the effort of installing nine patches, they've created a service pack that combines all previous updates into one easy bundle. If you're only just getting into the game, or if your copy is far behind on updates, Service Pack 1 will bring your WC Saga Deutsch and WC Saga Plus up to speed. A small sampling of the upgrades to WC Saga core includes a new pilot welcome section, subtitle support, a ready room, a fiction viewer and improvements to text legibility and debris fields.

Original update published on January 6, 2017
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Yes, our SP's are meant to increase the patch level. After several single patches we will publish a new SP for bundle all single patches into one big update. And WCSD SP1 (V1.1.0) brings also a lot of changes and additions to the WCS+ engine.