Finding Secret Ops and Making It Run

Ok, I DLed Secret Ops from ~~~~~~~~~, figuring that since the download had been free for Prophecy owners, it was cool. However, the frickin' thing doesn't work, and the ~~~~~~~~~ page says I must DL Episode 1 from Origin ... :confused: So now I'm wondering ... was it legal to DL from there, and if not, where can I legally get it. I own the original Prophecy discs. Help please! I'm asking because, for one thing, I'd like to play Secret Ops, and for another, there's a lot of cool fan mods I'm seeing here that I'd like to try but they run off of Secret Ops. :(


Don't link to warez sites. The episode files can no longer be downloaded legally.

You can download the starter package from our files section. This is all you need to play the Unknown Enemy and Standoff mods.
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