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Thanks to the recent surge of birthday publicity we're getting an increase in feedback and general comments, so I thought I'd consolidate it all in one thread for ease of referral. Post here about anything you have to say about 4.65, Gamma 1, or any other current/future releases.
Here is a list of things which have come up during my play of the Gamma 1 release. In no particular order:

Demon has infocard of Bearcat
Are unable to read the cargo space of some ship info cards (Raptor, Centurion)
Neutron gun turret has infocard of Izanami Overlord station
Mention of Liberty Security force in a mission vs Retros
Crash when docking at Kronecker mine
Crash when leaving Speke on a mission
Crash randomly in Junction (happens when just traversing the system)
After crashin in Junction, cant reload a game where i'm in Junction
Beto docking ring registers as 'leech missle' when selected
Errors in Galaxy Infosheet

Two other things which arent really bugs so to speak, but is ment to
be a star in Pender's Star? Cause i couldnt find one..
Also, the ferret is a complete BITCH to hit....i suppose it oulndt be
that big a problem with missiles but as it is..

Thats just what i've come up with so far, I'll continue to play and
post what i come up with.
redwarf_64 said:
Two other things which arent really bugs so to speak, but is ment to be a star in Pender's Star? Cause i couldnt find one..
When I created the Gemini Sector, the information I found stated that the Asteroid Field in the Pender's Star system was the remnants of both the star, and any planets that it had had.
(It went Super-Nova, destroying everything.)
Therefore, there is no star to find.
The name of the system refers to the fact that it's what's left of Pender's Star.
redwarf_64 said:
..Also, the ferret is a complete BITCH to hit....i suppose it oulndt be that big a problem with missiles but as it is...

yeah, I've noticed that too. 'course I find it usefull when I'm the one flying it :D

and I've had the same problem with the game just ending when I travel from system to system- I can't go by Junction, but if I try to loop around the other side by Regallis, the game blink's out randomly while I travel in-system.

finally I've noticed that certain items are lost when purchacing new ships. I had a level 4 engine upgrade on my Tarsus that would not transfer over to the new Rapier. Whenever I tried to click on the transfer button, other items where transfered instead.
Marc said:

finally I've noticed that certain items are lost when purchacing new ships. I had a level 4 engine upgrade on my Tarsus that would not transfer over to the new Rapier. Whenever I tried to click on the transfer button, other items where transfered instead.

I've noticed that too actually. It also takes away my radar...then..i couldnt afford a new one, so i couldnt take off....
I find its best to sell the components it wont let you transfer, then use the cash to try and upgrade the new ship
Well I've decided that my version is the "Fariss/ UpperHumbolt" version because the game does not whant me anywhere near Clarke or Potter. It just quits randomly when I jump or try to land or take off in those regions. -Once, I got to NewDetroit by way of the Valhalla-Eden systems and after landing on the planet I can't launch back up to space anymore, the game just quits.
I sead MY version because I'm pretty shure I screwed up somewere in the installation of the mod (I'm not the most knowledgeable person on computer operation).

But I can tell you that I've explored every corner of most of the systems avaylable to me and I like most of what I saw.
But, and this is just brainstorming here... I miss not being scanned by militia ships, in fact I miss not seeing as mutch militia ship. I can understand why I don't see the confederation (I'm on the wrong side of the sector). The InSys fighters I see all have company names... does that mean InSys is renting its ships out to various companys? or is it more like InSys itself is a security company that handles escort and defence?

I agree that someone whent a little overboard on the space debris i.e. asteroids and junk fields. I get that some systems should have "areas" of asteroids or debri, but I don't get why New-Detroit should be filled up from one end to the other by it. And if I remember correctly from other versions, neither should Perry or New Constantinople.
Certain 'areas', shure it makes sence. Entire Systems? I'd keep those to a minimum.

And finaly, the economy. When I first installed the game I tryed to make a few cargo runs in Troy -to make some cash and outfit my tarsus so I could have a descent ship for my first combat mission. Mistake. I quickly learned that the prices are virtualy identical for the same Items nomatter where I go. Minus the repairs to my hull from the hits I took whaiting to land on the mining bases (what is that about anyway?) I usually lost more than I gained on eatch run.

Woa. I don't like the tone of what I just wrote. I make it sound like I dont like this game- not true. In fact it's on "pause" right now and it's whaiting for me to come back to it :) :)
New Constantinople disapears when you get close to it

I just installed the Mod. Nice Work! Thanx to the developers!

Unregistered said:
New Constantinople disapears when you get close to it

It is not possible to go to NC with 'F2'.
I wanted to buy a new ship and it does not transfer my Level5 Generator to the new ship. I have to sell it for 60.000Cr. and buy it back for 200.000Cr. .
At the beginning there are some of the missions really hard.
Oxford has no Docking Rings.

That's all I found after 3h of playing yesterday. I had no crash and everything was running pretty smooth.

The System:
AMD 1900
TI4200 (Driverversion 42.66?)
1Gig Ram
SBLive! Value
Freelancer German Version
I'm experiencing some problems with the mod. The last version I tried before 4.65 was 2.5, WAY back. The thing is that, so far, added capital ships and stations don't work correctly (at least New Constantinople, Perry Naval Base and TCS Vesuvius, the ones I tried so far). First of all, they disappear if you're not completely facing them (the whole model's on the screen), and then even if you're a considerable distance away, the indicator shows "0M" all the time (you still can't dock, so it's an interface problem). I found it impossible to dock in the TCS Vesuvius, my Tarsus just wouldn't enter. And then I found a bug in New Constantinople, where there's only one mission available in the Mission Board. That's not the main problem, though, but the fact that the mission navpoint IS New Constantinople, so you can find your self trying to hit weapon platforms embedded inside the station. The mission's issues don't end here, since sooner or later you have to kill a few ships that are like 1934099.3K away.

Now, some points I'd like to remark about MY computer, which may be related to the problems:

- I'm running the game version straight out of the installation (v1.0, I presume). Do I need to apply any patches?
- A few months ago, when I uninstalled Freelancer, I forgot to unload the mod (v2.5, using FLMM 1.3) before doing so. When I reinstalled the game today, I couldn't unload it normally, so I just deleted the old mod and then loaded the latest one.

Any ideas?
The aforementioned bugs are due to corrupt files.
Some occur during download, but most were caused by my POS computer, and it's one of the many reasons I left the mod.
My computer enjoys corrupting DLL and INI files, and I've never discovered why.
Sorry 'bout that!
Bob McDob's "Gamma" release is attempting to correct those problems.
Is there any chance that you could 'revert' some of the ships back to how they performed in Freelancer? The reason I ask is because I've just spent a couple of hours replaying the original game, and after switching back to the mod... I find the talons to be quite annoying. In Freelancer, the Liberty Rogues ships are kinda nice to shoot at: they let you trail them a bit on every pass so you can shoot then nice and kick. While not very 'real', it's makes them really fun to shoot down. But in your mod, the equivalent- the talons, are more annoying. They bank hard right or left as soon as their backs are turned and are faily impossible to trail since they activate those hyperactive afterburners and zoom out of range in about a split second. Now I realise that the talons behave in a more realistic manner (nobody whants to die)- they aren't fun to shoot at... and isn't that the point of the game? fun over reality?
The thing you refer to is the "pilot skill", In the previous versions, warzog boosted it to "ace" for every ship (at my urging, I think, so I'm partly to blame). I'll definetely look into tweaking that in the future.
Don't blame yourself, Bob, I got tons of requests to crank up the AI!
But to explain the difference, the Liberty Rogues were what could be termed "Beginners" as far as their flying was concerned.
And while enjoyable to fire upon, they became even worse pilots when they were given the Talons.
Never figured out why that was, but they were almost "sitting ducks" when I first gave them the Talons.
They were the first to get a cranked up AI, however, I tried bringing them back to their Bloodhound status.
Unfortunately, to many people wanted a "real" challenge, and kept bugging me to crank the AI up as far as I could.
While it IS high, there are several notches left.
At maximum, I once fought a battle for over a half hour, and hadn't killed anyone.
(And without AB, shieldbatts, and nanobots, I'd have been wasted in a few seconds.)

An interesting side-note:
Prior to the Talon, I tried giving the Liberty Rogues the Hornet, Stiletto, Epee, and the Ferret.
Survival was impossible, even with their "beginners" AI.
The Hornet could be hit, once-in-a-while.
The Stiletto could only be hit if it was heading straight for you.
And the Epee and Ferret could only be hit by missiles, sometimes.

Near as I can figure, the Liberty Rogues don't use their engines during combat.
They ONLY use thrusters!
What they're actually doing is going to full thrusters until the thruster runs out...
Then they change direction, while the thruster recharges...
And then they hit full thrusters again.
This is why they spurt around, and can turn-on-a-dime!
Once they're beyond a certain range, 2-3000 meters, or so, they'll turn their engines back on, until they rejoin the battle.
Not sure, but I think they head out that far to let power and shields regenerate before they reingage in combat.
I understand better now, thanks fellas.
But, and this is just my view here so bare with me please, the Talon is somewhat the weakest ship that the bad guys use. I mean, first there the Talon, then there's the Arrow, after that comes the Orion and maybe even the Centurion. Maybe it's just me but I'd like the Talon to be that little threat that I can easely blow up and move on to the next target. If I really whant a good dogfight, I'll follow one to it's pirate-base and take on half-a-dozen at a time, or take a mission that involves heavy-er ships.

by the way, warzog, did you try and give the Talons to the Nomads?
Personally I prefer the fast-paced more realistic combat of the releases.

If you take vanilla freelancer, cut the linear drag of the engines in half and change your engine power to have every ship with a top speed of 120, combat becomes a whole lot more exciting.
Marc said:
by the way, warzog, did you try and give the Talons to the Nomads?
Oh, yeah. I tried.

The Freelancer Engine allows one to modify quite a bit, but messing with the Nomads is a BIG NO-NO!!!
Giving the Nomads new ships causes crashes!
Giving the Nomad ships to other factions causes crashes!
Replacing the Nomads with other factions causes crashes!
The only mod's you can do with the Nomads is to change their AI, or their loadouts.
Anything else, crashes.