FC Mod of the year 2007

FC mod of the year

  • Ranger's Glory

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • Wing Commander 1 Remake

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • A Perfect Plan

    Votes: 3 27.3%

  • Total voters


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This year has been a bit quiet. But here are the nominations for 2007.
Vote on this year's Flight Commander mod of the year.

A Perfect Plan
Author: Kyran
Home page: http://www.satamonline.sepwich.com/
Discussion thread: http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=20494
New release in 2007: No ?

Ranger's Glory
Author: Phillip Ogden
Home Page : http://www.cyberionsystems.com/rg/
Forum: http://www.cyberionsystems.com/flightcommander/index.php
New release in 2007: No

WC1 Remake
Author: Kevin Caccamo
Home page: http://www.ciinet.org/kevin/wc1remake/
Discussion thread: http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=19130
New release in 2007: Yes


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Probably I wont be able to get everything done this year. I was aiming to have everyone voice acted with custom com videos.

Here is a picture of an in-game shot of a new com video.

EDIT: Whoa! A hundred posts! :D


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What ever happened to Affliction and A Shot in the Dark? Anyway, I reckon Remake should win since it was the only one that released something this year. I still may make a release before Christmas but I don't really see the point now. :) Watch out though, 2008 will be mine! Oh, I also released a bunch of piccies on the Ranger's Glory forum and on my website.

2008: Year of A Perfect Plan
08: Perfect Plan


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That happens a lot to us too.

I nominate ChrisReid's mod.

Nobody nominated them.

I was referring to what ever happened to them. As in, where did they go? Ah, didn't the maker of A Shot in the Dark get banned?


Whoa! Tied with Ranger's Glory (currently). Not too bad. I'd like to thank Eddie for introducing mouse support, oh, and Ubuntu for their newbie friendly operating system, and lastly Origin for making Wing Commander in the first place, and to a lesser extent Ultima 8, and Ultima Online (I loved that installion splash screen).


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Think you misunderstood what he was saying.

Yeah, I was speaking as someone who understood Eddie's point of view running the contest. It's hard to get people to nominate things. Everyone just assumes someone else has done it, so you end up with big projects that nobody has nominated. It's closely followed by difficulty getting people to actually vote.


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Congratulations to our winners, a two way tie to

Ranger's Glory and Wc1 Remake.

And congrats to Perfect Plan on their New Year's release.