FC Mod of the year 2006

FC Mod of the year

  • Affliction

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • A Perfect Plan

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Ranger's Glory

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • Simulator Gauntlet

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Wc1 Remake

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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The poll is open! Vote for your favorite Flight Commander mod. Winners will be announced New Years day.

For more info on each mod, go here.


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Ranger's Glory all the way. All it needs apart from a release is an update on the website. :D

This mod really needs a campaign file. A few problems with the wrong coms playing. No scripting, which unfortunately leads to repetitive game play. Enemies need to be placed further out from where you enter the nav.

This mod really shows the main short comings of the AI. They hug you from the behind and are impossible to see with out slowing down.

A Perfect Plan
Some of the voice acting leaves a bit to be desired. One area doesn't have the voice acting done so the captions just fly by without you being able to read them. The Sonic Underground when you a returning home in some missions is in an odd position.

Blah, can't comment, I made it after all. :D I only see its short comings and where it could have been better. I do however like the combat side to it. Turning has been increased quite a bit, so rear hugging isn't a problem. Combat is also much harder with the reduced shielding and armor, lone wolfing against two pilots is a big deal.

Ranger's Glory
Umm, game play wise I can't comment. It isn't out after all. However, Ranger's Glory have released Christmas Pack which I'd call an essential component to any classic Flight Commander modder's collection. They also have pictures out of Ranger's Glory, but they a bit old and aren't that stimulating. :D

Simulator Gauntlet
Oh yeah, the gauntlet. Zero for originality but a hundred for the sound. :D It also has some fancy coding under the hood that works. Game play wise it shares the same short comings as Affliction, enemies being to close to start and the back hugging business.

Wc1 Remake
Nice music and nice green visuals. However it crashed when I tried to load it. Most likely due to the introduction of captions.

Over all I think Ranger's Glory will win, it has the largest team and is the most known.


So true. :D

I hope to have something interesting to release this Christmas, but it is nothing major.

I also just sent Cyberion (our webmaster) a news post, so hopefully he'll be able to upload it soon.

I am going to post the update (like I usually do) in the news section of the RG forums.


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Affliction, my project; was made before I could script basic missions, I can now set armor, shields, force ejects, basic scripting. (Give me credit here, I'm not even in highschool yet but I can manage that much.) I am going to realise the complete part 1 of 3 as soon as i finish scripting it, briefings, will need to wait.


It is usually not a good idea to make a release in pieces (eg. release missions then later release the scripts and at a later point release the briefings).

The briefings aren't that difficult to make and shouldn't be too difficult to generate in short space of time. I would suggest continuing to improve your missions' scripts and create the briefings for your missions. Then release part 1 as a more complete package. Plus, Christmas releases are always better.

And if you need help in creating briefings, then start with this tutorial: FC Briefings


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Your briefing helped me a lot, Iceblade :D. After I read it I got my first real working script to work! Still basic though, like setting shields and armor like I said above. More than likely yours is going to win this year, but mine will win next year when I do some major scripting :). I made a mission with scripting, briefing sucks horribly, but you can see the scripting at least. www.geocites.com/Winnyfred2, and thanks to someones request, I made it's own campaign file!


Well, good luck next year. What about the briefings, though? They aren't that difficult...a bit tedious, but overall easy after you complete one.

Oh, and if you or any other FC mod wants a forum, I can provide a subforum over at the RG boards.


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I voted for A Perfect Plan. It looks like it could turn out to be a great mod. I especially liked the part that has you dogfighting against Soopaha and Spite. That's a nice tough fight.
Ranger's Glory looks nice too, but I tend to like demos better than screenshots. :D


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I voted for my mod, although part 1 is unscripted, I posted on my website 2 new missions, and every other mission plus the campaign.xml. Look for Update.zip on my website.


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I'm the one who voted for the gauntlet. While all the projects are very nice, it has the most elaborate scripts, and I gotta support fellow programmers.


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Congratulations to Ranger's Glory, the Flight Commander 2006 Mod of the Year.



Thank you. Thank you. I would just like to thank the acade....just kidding. :p

Yeah, I let Cyb know but I am not sure when he will be back to post it up.


Well, well, well...
It's a lot, but a very lot of time I do not come here... Also a lot of time I don't have time to make nearly anything... Had a lot of work to do and a lot of things that happened so fast that I couldn't stop them...
But the most beatiful thing is come back here and see that someone still remember my work!
Thanks eddie for putting the sim missions as a mod, and thanks everyone that voted me!
I can't promise that I'll come back to work, but i'll make everything possible to re-start all the work I've made so far...
So thanks again, and just now I'm upgrading to the latest Flight Commander version and upgrading myself to the lastest scripting...
See you all soon!!!