Favorite Space Fighters


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What is your favorite space fighters from any universe?

Mine are...
1) Gothri- WC
2) Vaktoth- WC
3) Bearcat- WC
4) 'Thunderbolt' Starfury- B5
5) T-65 X-WING- Star Wars
6) Centauri Fighter- B5
7) F-44 Rapier II- WC
8) Thunderbolt VII- WC
9) TIE Interceptor- Star Wars
10) Hammerhead- Space AAB


Excalibur. Love it.
Behind that (in no particular order):
-Wraith (StarCraft)
-X-Wing (Star Wars)
-Rapier (Wing Commander Movie)
-Scimitar (Wing Commander Academy)


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fav ships

This is what im gonna go with
1.) Morningstar (WC)
2.)Epee (WC)
3.) E-Wing (SW)
4.) Vampire (WC)
5.) Excalibur
6.) Demon (PRIV Remake)
7.) X-Wing (SW)
8.) LearJet (Microsoft Flight Sim) ha

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I like the demon in PR, but I think the centurion is generally better for most mercenary purposes. Anyways mine are:

1. Centurion
2. Arrow
3. That fighter on the front of the Prophecy box
4. Eagle (In Freelancer, very potent with nomad weapons)
5. Er, Death Star? (If you can't guess where this is from, then you haven't lived).

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This probably can't be considered a fighter, but like I said to Kris earlier this is the greatest ship from any sci-fi series ever. Anyone recognise it?

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If I had to rank 5 ships in my top favorites of all time it would probably be something like this:

1. Raptor (Wing Commander 1...just a beautiful ship)
2. Scimitar (Wing Commander 1...certainly had a unique and gorgeous presentation...despite its combat skills which I felt were adequate).
3. X-Wing (very well designed...)
4. Heretic (Privateer 2...gorgeous ship...maybe someday I'll try to model it).
5. Rapier 44F & G (Although I suppose this is really two ships I'd rank them as right by each other so that they share position 5).


1. Excalibur (Obviously)
2. Ekapshi (Coolest Kilrathi Ship Ever)
3. Korlarh (2nd Coolest Kilrathi Ship Ever)
4. Dragon (This ship is so good it's basically cheating)
5. Broadsword (Basically a B-17, but with torpedoes)

I would like to also make an honorable mention to the mysterious Red (Gratha?) Ship on the front of the FM Towns copy of Wing Commander. I think this would be an interesting ship to make a model of.

Lets also not forget the Aerospace Fighters from Battletech. My favorites were the Riever and Stuka.


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hmmm... i would say

1. Banshee (WC4)
2. Bearcat (WC4)
3. Excalibur (WC3)
4. X-Wing (Star Wars)
5. Delta-7 (Star Wars)
6. Both Rapiers (WC and WCM)
7. Scimitar (WC and WCA)
8. VF-1S Veritech Fighter (Robotech)


Let see.

1.) Excalibur
2.) Morningstar
3.) Dragon
4.) X-Wing
5.) Centurion
6.) Millenium Falcon (Does that count? :D )
7.) Dralthi (Privateer and WC1 version)
8.) Sabre
9.) Heretic (Privateer 2)
10.) Raptor (WC1)


Hoo boy let's see here... in no particular order...

1. Viper (Battlestar Galactica)
2. Ferret/Super Ferret (WC II)
3. Rapier II (WC II)
4. X-Wing
5. VF-1S Veritech (Robotech)
5. YF-19 Veritech (Macross Plus)
6. Excalibur (WC III)
7. Viper Mark II (New Battlestar Galactica)
8. Scimitar (WC I)
9. Orion (Tachyon: The Fringe)
10. Naginata (Starlancer)
11. Arrow (WC III)
12. Dralthi (WC 1)
13.TIE Interceptor (Star Wars)
14. Swordfish II (Cowboy Bebop)
15. Coyote (Starlancer)
16. Hellcat V (WC III)

I love space fighters too much... I want to keep going but I'd better stop now.

Aplha 1-1


1) Rapier II (WC2)
2) A-Wing (SW)
3) Swordfish II (CB)
4) Bearcat (WC4)
5) Ka'ha'haf (WC3)
6) Starbug :p (RD)
7) Shroud (SL)
8) Bloodfang (WC#)
9) ARC-170 (SW)
10) Banshee (WC4)