Favorite fighter from WCP

Fav fighter from WCP

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I support the Panther. It has medium speed, maneuverability, shields, and armor, and its 6 IR/6 FF missiles and Tachyon/Ion guns can take on anything the Nephilim throw at you. When flying the Panther, fighting is still a challenge, whereas in the Vampire, by comparison, fighter-size enemies are weak individually and strategy consists mainly of thinning out the swarm before they have time to damage whatever you're protecting--fragging the enemies is now far less important than fragging them as fast as you can.
where was the excalibur? i dont remember seeing that. i personally liked the wasp...i thought it had some kickass weapons...it was fast..highly maneuverable...very cool missiles..it was like a bat outta hell. goin into the fray with that booster back...here i am boys...lets dance! too bad you only get to fly for two missions

on the other hand...panther is cool too..but i thought if you went full guns..the energy went too fast. vampire was cool too...it wasnt bad...weapons energy was alright. the tigershark was cool too...it was a good superiority fighter, got the job done.
In WCP, the only mention of the Excalibur is the recon variant in the ICIS manual. Excaliburs show up in WCSO (though you can't fly them).
I don't know, I guess I liked the Wasp. The Panther was excellent, but I really ended up hating the Panther by the end of SO just because that's practically all you fly in it. It made everything seem like the same mission. But since there's still Thunderbolts around in SO, they have to get my vote for favorite.

Edit: Newer is not always better.
The Wasp. It has missiles for days, excellent speed and manueverability, and packs a punch that'll give the Panther and the Vampire a run for their money. Too bad they were only used for carrier defense missions -- I got pretty tired of flying the Panther for virtually every mission...
The Wasp was only used in carrier defence missions because that's what it's designed for - as an interceptor. The booster is there to get it to the approaching enemy before the regular fighters, and the swarmers are there to quickly dispatch bombers.

I liked the Wasp too, but it simply lacks the range for anything else other than defence missions. For more general missions, I'd go with the Vampire.
I always wondered why the target shield readout for the Wasps in your wing never adjusted to indicate the expulsion of the booster pack. Guess the programmers had bigger fish to fry in order to reach their deadline....
Yeah, I don't get the inclusion of the Excalibur... "I like the Excalibur, even though you don't fly it in Prophecy, I should be able to vote for it!"
Sometimes Wasp pilots don't even make use of their boosters.

And I tried flying the Excalibur and Thunderbolt using one of Locke's patches, once. They get banged up quite quickly, it's not surprising that non-Cerberus pilots who get shot down in SO are often flying older fighters.
Yeah, the Excalibur and the Thunderbolt have WC3-level armor, which is a little more than half of what is standard for WCP ships. With a little more armor, the Excalibur could keep up with the Panther, and the Thunderbolt would make a decent light bomber, but as it is they are fragile compared to the other Confed ships.