Fav Traitor Group/Faction

Fav Traitor Group

  • Pilgrims

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Black Lance

    Votes: 26 55.3%
  • Society of Madrian

    Votes: 15 31.9%
  • Belisarius Group/Y-12

    Votes: 4 8.5%

  • Total voters
What's your all Favorite Traitor Group from the WC Games,Books and Movie?

Mine is the Black Lance because they have super cool Ships and Weapons like the Flash-Pak plus I love those Uniforms.


I said Black Lance. So were so bad they were cool. The others never really did it for me. The Mandarins were intresting though. They weren't evil like the Black Lance...they just had a different strategy to win the war.


I'd probably also say the BL, just because of the Dragon/Lance! That thing is awsome! That and the fact that they were well equipped/trained, etc. So they would have been a good department for the military-if it hadn't been for that whole Tolwyn thing.


Originally posted by Ridgerunner
Black Lance, of course. Don't the Retros get a chance to compete?

I don't think it's gonna matter :). BL is the only group with some sweet fighters we get to rip off. Landslide :p



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I know. but they should at least get a chance to get a big fat goose egg, like some of those other groups that I never even heard of.


The Belisarius Group. They seem so much more sneaky than the Black Lance, and they were corporates, and we all know corporates are eeeeeeevil!


Not everyone votes, you know. I rarely actually vote in the polls. Besides, it was only opened yesterday. Give it some time.


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Who is the Belisarius Group??

BTW, "Madrian" is the feminine noun for "Hadrian", the correct spelling is "Mandarins".


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What about that colony of Kilrathi that defected, or was that a colony made of defected Kilrathi? Hmmm. I think those were the best traitors because in the long run it meant less of them shooting back hehehe.

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Pilgrims is an odd 'option' for a "traitor group" -- *most* Pilgrims aren't militant extremists... they're just a different religion.

I'm sure the present day analogy is obvious.