i get an error message whenever i try to run the game. "Could not determine what GL DLL to load". what could be the problem?

I get the same exact problem when i click on WCU to run but the same error 'GL DLL' pop up message jus comes up -
do u really need WC secret ops and if so.....where can i get...anyone can help???
Yes, you do need Secret Ops - Unknown Enemy is an add-on, not a stand-alone game.

You need to do the following things:
1. Uninstall Unknown Enemy - you'll need to reinstall it after you've installed Secret Ops.
2. Download Secret Ops here, and install it.
3. Install Unknown Enemy in the exact same location where you installed Secret Ops. They have to be in the same folder - otherwise, UE will not work.
NEWB HERE AGAIN...i dun wot u told me...but now there is another problem
- i double click on WCUE exe. and some error pop-up message comes up saying
'DD::SetDisplayMode 16385'...i guess somfing is wrong with the resolution settings...but can u help again plz....
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suppose no one wants to help??? its been four days now...plz someone help!?
It happened to be Christmas weekend, so people have other things to do besides tech support. If you're impatient, you can just search for "SetDisplayMode" and all sorts of suggestions pop up from the last times people asked this question. It has to do with your video card/drivers. Make sure you upgrade those or try the game in 16 bit color. Also make sure there is just one installation of Secret Ops with one SO folder on your hard drive.