Fantastic German P2 Preview Includes Several Treats (August 23, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

LOAF made a great find recently in the October 1996 issue of Power Play, the German computer games magazine. It starts off with a wonderful cover featuring Lev Arris, an Icarus and a Heretic. Then on the next page it stuns with another gorgeous Heretic with green accents. It almost looks like the color scheme to Wing Commander 1, which gives me some crazy ideas about what fans could do to touch up the P2 ships. That leads into a three page spread that touches on the game highlights, all the star actors and the story. That fancy green Heretic resurfaces too. We were around in the lead-up to Priv 2, but didn't have nearly as much reach in those early days of the internet. After all these years, it's wonderful to see what was going on everywhere else!

Bandit (LOAF): the perfect magazine cover doesn't exist

the October 1996 issue of Power Play:

Bandit (LOAF): I want that printed on every physical surface in my life. Woah woah woah what's that green Heretic?