Fan Project Voting Continues (January 11, 2020)


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The CIC's annual community vote is now in full swing! If you didn't get a chance to vote last week, the poll is still open and you can input your selection below. The nominees are listed after that, and it's still super inspiring to me to see them all listed out! Half of these projects didn't exist or weren't in the running in 2018, so it's especially cool how much new blood there is this time around.

  • Adm_Maverick Tabletop Adventures began as papercraft models. After Maverick got some practice making miniature WC ships, he branched out into a full fledged game. He's since produced a wide range of supporting items and has been actively playtesting to work out the kinks.
  • AircPirateNinsei's radio controlled flying Hornet model has to be seen to be believed! He's combined his aerodynamic skills with Wing Commander fandom to produce an incredible tribute to the WC series that actually goes airborne!
  • DefianceIndustries has his own personal Wing Commander projects, but he also contributes a great many technical assets to other endeavors. At the core of it are the beautiful designs that he creates at seemingly industrial scale!
  • The Freelancer Mod that replaces most all of the native ships to the game with Wing Commander alternatives was just begun in the later part of the year, but it's already certified as campaign-compatible and working on revamping the entire game economy. This will significantly enhance the level balancing to keep all the factions competitive into the endgame, which is something the original didn't implement great.

  • The Gemini Sector RPG has roots that extend back more than a decade. They've evolved multiple times through MUD/MUSHes to forums and now play on a modern Discord server. They've hosted beginner's sessions to help add new players, and they have a great time doing it!
  • The venerable Homeworld Remastered Mod, also known as Flag Commander, released another major update this year with beautiful starscape skyboxes. They also released an updated play guide and even a WC3 prologue campaign.
  • The Prophecy & Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack had another big year. On top of a fantastic beta release at the CIC Birthday, they're already hard at work on the next release which will incorporate more beautiful ships and huge capship explosions.
  • UnnamedCharacter's WC Toolbox has helped uncover the mysteries of the original games and spur a renaissance of early-WC modding, but it's just the beginning. A variety of useful tools and digital insights are helping curious Wingnuts dig deeper than ever into the code to find new discoveries and push the boundaries of fan projects.
  • The WC4 Fan Remake started out the year with an impressive new cockpit and then teased some of its first enhanced gameplay footage. The team is now testing higher resolutions and other technical challenges.
  • Wing Leader was one of the most eye-catching projects of the summer. Howard Day added a number of classic WC designs to his own custom Unity WC engine to great effect and gave people an impressive glimpse at what a modern take on the original Wing Commander could be.

Original update published on January 11, 2020