Fan mission help

Killer Wolf

ok, might be dense again today, but how do i play the Prophecy fan missions? for the Secret Ops missions it says i need a simulator download but the page or the Read Mes say nothing IRO the Prophecy missions - what do i do when i've unzipped them?

Ok, i've got SOSIM, stuck it in my SO directory, but when i click on the SO shortcut i get an error saying "please re-run the install program. (GI::loadDLL failed 3, 126=The specified module could not be found)"

that mean anything to anyone? i had a quick search of the forums and someone has a vaguely similar message (dll fail) but not about mising modules. i'e tried loading SO from the normal shortcut, and when i click on the little sphere in the hologram i get some soundfile but that's it, no simulator :-(
what do i need to do?