Extensive Lineart Collection Runs the WC Gamut (May 26, 2021)


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Today we have a trove of nifty Wing Commander line art made by Autofire1979. He's created numerous designs that run the full spectrum from Wing Commanders 1 through 4. A varied sampling of his creations are below, but you can find a whole bunch more at his DeviantArt page - including different paint schemes for certain ships. They're broken out into two galleries: Terran Confederation and Kilrathi. It's one thing to make the popular dreadnoughts, and I included them below for obvious reasons, but he also drew the Drayman, Kilrathi Starbase and Caernaven. That's dedication!

Original update published on May 26, 2021


Hi, Long time lurker to this excellent site. Thank you for the spotlight, these are a little old now when scale was only a mystery to me 😀
I have recently discovered Scooby's excellent WC inspired ships which I am hoping to draw to scale (if I can get permission of course)