Excuse me brother...

If not a phone call, might I suggest a PM for such communication? For one, it greatly increases the chance he will see it. And another it doesn't clutter up the board with with what is really non-public conversation. The first letter after all stands for "Privacy". I can't speak for everyone, but personally, I don't want to read your mail. For one thing, it's illegal in my country.
I'm not sure I follow you. Whats this about "PM" and "Mail"? I never sent any mail.

I was just using the off-topic forum to quote a movie and (if anyone was interested) get a little convo started about what I think is a great movie. It's got Malcom McDowell in it after all. :)

Pretty sure no country has any laws against that.
Oh i honestly thought you were sending a message to your brother. Boy don't I feel like a moron...Sorry....

I never saw aclockwork orange. It's one of those movies on the list that I never seem to get around to watching... One of many...
Fair enough :)

Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite movies ever. Ironically I found out about this movie thanks to Wing Commander 4. If not for Admiral Tolwyn I would never have picked up Clockwork Orange. Of course it's easy to go Fanboy for everything Kubrick...But, being as neutral as possible, I recommend you take the time to see Clockwork Orange.
The worst thing that can happen is that you waste a little over 2 hours..At best, you will reach salvation brother ;)
Ive seen so many of Kubrick's other movies too. Dr. Strangelove is my personal favorite. Now that movie has some great lines! "Gentlemen you can't fight in here, this is the war room!"
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While I do like the movie Clockwork Orange I am a bit torn whether it is as great as it could have been or not.
Kubrick obviously used the American version of the book, which was - much to Anthony Burgess' dismay IIRC - edited so Burgess actually calls it "an unfinished version that lacks the intended message".
I don't know if a complete version - like the British book - would have been better, the unfinished version has something to it, I can't deny that.
He also made the violence in the movie more stylized than in the book, where it is much more.... blunt I'd say. An interesting artistic decision that adds some great qualities to the movie. The famous scene with the burglary/rape/murder is a good example.

Regardless of which one you prefer: If you like the movie you should definitely check out the book. It also has a Nadsat dictionary (which you will need. The Nadsat was toned down very much in the movie).

Oh, and fun fact:
Ever since I read the book (or watched the movie, not sure which one was first) I have been calling my Licor 43 con leche "Moloko Plus" :D
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I haven't read the book..Guess I'm lazy, or I dont want to ruin the illusion the movie gave me! :)

I have read a few pieces containing comparisons of the original and movie versions though. What sticks out in my mind is the book ending...And the underage girl he "picks up" if I remember correctly...(who were replaced by two full grown women in the movie).
Yeah, some things you just can't show on a screen.
Game of Thrones is another great example. Half of the persons haing sex in the books are well below the legal age to do so, so all of them are older in the TV series.
Speaking of Kubrick and his reordering the Clockwork Orange story: He did the same thing with "The Shining" as I understood it.
Though it is a great movie nonetheless, the later 1997 mini-series was more true to the book.