Exclusive Pilot's Medal Packed with Rare German WC4 (January 22, 2017)


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It's not very often that the CIC staff comes across a Wing Commander product that's completely new to us, but Pascal made our day with this special edition of Wing Commander 4! It was apparently sold only at the Karstadt department store in Germany, and it amazingly came with a pilot badge collectible. The medal is labeled Wing Commander 4 "Elite Fighter" and comes numbered. Pascal notes that these aren't very common even in Germany, so he's a lucky fan to have one in his collection!

This German WC IV "Sonder-Edition" (special edition) comes with a "Fliegermarke" (pilot's badge).
It was exclusivly sold at Karstadt (a German department store chain); see the printed company name on the Box.
You don't see it very often in Germany - don't know how many were made/ sold.


Original update published on January 22, 2017
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Those are typical German dog tags by the way. You'd break them in two and put one half on the body.
Every army shop could make you some of those, but the (R) right there is really interesting... Was this actually approved by Origin?
It seems like it. Germany was a very big market for Wing Commander, and it would be comparable to the Chirichan Pirate Clan patch included with the rare P2 special edition or the random CCG cards tossed in with WC4 disc sleeves.