Excellent job!


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Yeah I fall into the group above. My birthday is a week after the CIC's and this year I'm 29. I got into WC probably around the same time as Chris, could have been a year or so later.

It's funny to think that almost every day for the last 12 years wcnews.com has been a must stop on my internet commute.


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I'll be 31 this year... I pretty much started getting involved online after Prophecy came out. I posted a lot around the release of SO but didn't get really busy at the CIC for several more years. It probably was about 6 or 7 years ago now where I really decided to take a more active role in the community.


I really just signed up to talk about Standoff, but I guess that I got a bit involved with other conversations too.

I've been playing Wing Commander games since about 1994, but only started talking to the online community recently. I have been to this forum before in the past, like around 2002, but I just signed up recently.


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Wow 6 years and only 3 posts! That's something. Ive been playing these games since I was little. I honestly have no idea how old. 7 or 8 with the NES version of WC. I'm 22 now. I always considered myself mostly a lurker but the guy above has me beat for sure.


I have been involved with wing commander since before wing commander 3 came out. and lurking on the boards forever.