Everybody Loves Excalibur 3D Prints (September 23, 2019)


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Buddy Goodboy, Esq recently got a 3D printer and naturally set out to create a Wing Commander fighter as his first creation. After an experimental test print, this fine Excalibur was the result. It's a pretty nice example of what's possible today with fine panel lines etched right into the hull. We've recently commented on how the technology continues to improve with tremendous results. Here's more proof!

Got a successful print on my 3D printer today! This is the F-103 Excalibur, the final fighter from Wing Commander III. It’s a beautiful little machine.

My first print of this fighter was on an uncalibrated print bed, and I couldn't separate the supports from the print, so it's a little plastic mess. This one, I printed with the nose up and with the correct support settings, so it just snapped off cleanly.

This is the first thing I've gotten to come out decent on my printer. I'm pretty happy with it. :)
Original update published on September 23, 2019


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Looks very accurate!

3D printing is amazing! Just when you think that technology has stabilized, there's a whole new breakthrough/dimension.