Even More WC Ships Ready For Your 3D Printer (March 4, 2018)


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The 3D prints that have been in the news lately have been a big hit, so we'd like to highlight another very prolific modeler that's put together a ton of great stuff on Thingiverse. Astrofossil creates designs from many different universes, and his Wing Commander collection includes dozens of detailed ships. He spans virtually all eras with a mix of both Confed and Kilrathi craft. And his fleet continues to grow. After seeing the response to the Privateer ships last week, he's looking at building an Orion next. Now we just need more handy fans with 3D printers to turn these digital files into physical models!

Original update published on March 4, 2018
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.obj files should be 3d Printer compatible; it's the format I usually export to when I'm tinkering with models. If you want to send over the file I"ll put it through my slicer and see what happens...


OK, good news! It opened fine in Simplify3D. Now to print it...trying to decide if I should try to split the model and try to print without supports or to just go for it. Hmm....