Wow.. AWESOME JOB so far! Keep it up!

Those files on the CD are a random assortment of source files from the WC2 / Privateer / SWC era that I managed to rescue from oblivion by snooping around the network when I was at OSI.. the files should be either .3ds or .prj both of which can be opened in 3D Studio.. the textures are in .cel format, which isn't used by any program that I know of.. but they show up in 3DS..

:) thanks for saving them

I just found a program called "Advanced image viewer and converter" I used it to open the .cel format and it worked. It also let me convert the images to png.
it only opens some of the .cel files though. It also says they are Autodesk formats and lists them as .cel and .pic

Edit: I also found these programs...

but all I want really is a photoshop plugin to use cel.
Actually I have Architectural Desktop 2006 here. I'll check if I'm able to import or open .Cel formats... I'll keep you posted, cuz I should be able to open them but ya never know haha
I did a quick cockpit, yay! :D



I was trying to learn XSI's rigid body dynamics and constraints like hinges and springs and such so I made landing gear. However I was unable to parent the rigid bodies to the rest of the ship so thats why the ship isn't landing, it's just dropping the landing gear... so I'm kinda bummed about that.

I really enjoy being able to see the details of the cockpit through the canopy. Nicely done!