Michelle D

I want to make an EPEE model; because I like the ship, and because the one I see already made is in a .cob format, which I cannot use or convert at the moment. :(

Does anyone have epee sprites? I just see a 3/4 view on the ship database but not the top or sides.

I made a composite from some screen shots, but I really need the top and bottom views. I tried the WC2 model viewer but it crashes, or when it doesn't the images are garbled.


Michelle D

That would be awesome if you could convert it to OBJ.

also I tried the wcnav but the images are still garbled when I used the keys to cycle to the next image. Do you know what the file name for the epee was or where a list is to tell which file is what ship? Also how did you run WCNAV and did you get it to work in Vista, XP, or windows 98?

thanks for all the help :D


Can You send me the link to the model? I have seen only the "Academy-style" epee out there, made in Lightwave.

Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny
There should be a 3DS model available.. I'm pretty sure the Epee is among the files of old WC art files that is out there somewhere.. I don't have my CD of stuff handy at the moment or I could tell ya for sure...

That said, dont let that stop you from building your own model, given the what you've done with the Gratha, I'm sure you'd do an awesome job on the Epee!




Exported to XSI instead of OBJ since you use XSI :)

EDIT: Didn't post it in hyperlink because... well... I didn't : P

Michelle D

Okay so I downloaded the WC3d.zip file and tried to open the epee.3ds in Blender but I can't import the 3DS. I even tried Wings 3D but it wouldn't let me do it either. It may just be Vista or I need a newer program version.

So are the W3D source models the actual game models from Origin or someone else's?

Anyways here is some progress on my model.



oh and raxiv, I tried copy and pasting the link but it doesn't work for me. :(
Thanks anyways though :D

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WC3D.zip is the original source models for several of the games, straight from Origin. You shouldn't need newer software to view them, though... they're from 1992.

Michelle D

Yup I plan on smoothing those out.

well I got to work on the cockpit area. I did a little trick where I built boxes for every line on the surface then used X-normal to render the Ambient Occlusion map of the cockpit, so where ever I had boxes blocking the surface of the cockpit, a dark line was drawn.


I didn't use the technique for the rest of the ship but I will since it came out alright. Also the glass was not made using the boxes so the lines are crooked, I will use the boxes again to fix my mistakes.

See the duplicated geometry and boxes covering areas for glass.

the result



Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny
Wow.. AWESOME JOB so far! Keep it up!

Those files on the CD are a random assortment of source files from the WC2 / Privateer / SWC era that I managed to rescue from oblivion by snooping around the network when I was at OSI.. the files should be either .3ds or .prj both of which can be opened in 3D Studio.. the textures are in .cel format, which isn't used by any program that I know of.. but they show up in 3DS..