Enterprise Season 4 - This Will Be GOOD!


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Colonel Sanders said:
Yeah, my reply was unintentially ambiguous- I assumed since you were quoting me saying "warp ten this" and then said "warp ten that, you were referring to me.

Apologies to all, benjamin most of all. It'd take a lot more than that to get me upset over something as trivial as well...anything, really.

I quoted your post as it was the first I saw that specifically mentioned warp ten, that was all.

I thank you for your apology though, and I apologize to you for being unclear.


BlackJack2064 said:
THe only difference in Warp Speed from the TNG era, is the warp speed limit or warp 6, which was considered by many (including many from within the production of the shows) was a bad idea.
Even though alot of people hated it, it gave me a nice sense of closure on why you'd pick a different warp instead of your maximum cruising speed to get somewhere (this is assuming max cruising is the highest you go without damaging your engines). All throughout the series everytime they set a different heading, it was almost like they pulled a number out of their asses to get them there in the time it would take to finish the story/save the day/etc. Why not just set it to what your engines can handle and get there in a day instead of lolligaging around for a week?
Anyway, the warp speed limit took a little of the ambiguity out of it for me. Now Picard set the course and chose to go warp5 or 6 because thats what he was limited to (except in an emergency), instead of the 'pick a number between 2 and 9' it had been before.

Hey this thread has been vacant for a bit but since it is about enterpise I figured I needed to say something. About T'pol joining starfleet...I read somewhere I cannot remember though that SPock was the first Vulcan in starfleet...the two races worked together but not as a whole. Up until after TOS it was almost an enitirely human force, even with the other races in the federation (Tellerite, vulcans, andorians, alpha centarians, axanarians and a few others).

I also read somewhere that every founding member of the federation, namely the first 4 on the list above were given a Constitution class starship, but was not officially starfleet. The Vulcans had thier ( can not remember the name), that was destroyed by the big amobia. The andorian one was called the Eagle...it was teh most highly decorated ship in the federation..even moreso than the enterprise.

Basicly what this rambling is trying to get to (probably unsuccessfully I might add lol), is that the people in charge of enterprise are treading on dangerous ground. They can do alot of good, forging out the beginnings of the federation and such, but they can do alot of harm...and very few things are worse than a trekker (worse than trekkie) scorned lol.

Oh and another wierd thing....Star Fleet could be considered a misomer, since in the pilot ( I believe) or the first few episodes (maybe even the whole 1st season), Starfleet didn't exist lol, it was reffered to as UESPA (you-spa) United Earth Space Probe Agency.

Just food for thought.
Oh crap forgot to say something about warp...warp one is the speed of light, but warp 2 isn't two times teh speed of warp, the scale increases exponently, so the german light speed factor wouldn't be accurate.

Speed KMH #times speed of light 5 ly across UFP across galaxy
full impule 270 million .25 sublight 20 years 40000 years 400000 years
warp 1 1 billion 1 5 years 10000 years 100000 years
warp 6 421 billion 392 5 days 25 years 255 years
warp 8 1.10 trillion 1024 2 days 10 years 98 years
warp 9 1.62 trillion 1516 1 day 7 years 66 years
warp 9.2 1.77 trillion 1649 1 day 6 years 61 years
warp 9.9 3.27 trillion 3053 14 hours 3 years 33 years
warp 10 infinate infinate

This is a short list of what I have in three different books..this is TNG speeds, if enterprise uses TNG warpscale the ship from enterpise maximum speed of warp five...is equal to the TOS enterprise's normal maximum of warp 6....the enterpise from TOS maximum safe speed is under TNG warp 7.


Quite honestly, Star Trek needs to give up for a few years, it's out of ideas. They're just rehashing things with slightly different settings and completely destroying the entire continuity of the show in the process. Star Trek needs to rest in peace for a while, so some other sci-fi series that's actually new and original can get the spotlight for a while.

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Long Live the Confederation!
Eh, people say that, but I have no idea what it means. Frankly, spending five-ten years without any Star Trek just for the sake of it being 'cool' that Star Trek is back is a pretty lame publicity/expense ratio...
blackjack, where did you read that (about the first four races getting a constitution class?

PS- the vulcan ship was the intrepid. i stated earlier in this thread that is was Vulcan operated, but not an official starfleet vessel, and that correlates with what you said.
It actually goes with several different sources that I have read...from RPG material from two different companies (which are undoubtably not considered canon, though they only use paramounts TV and movie stuff) this is not FASA starfleet battles but the game published by Decipher and Last Unicorn Game.

Also from some novel...which are not canon since paramount isn't as Draconian about what happens in the novels like Lucas Films is. I Think I read it in one of my companions too.

According to all my info....StarFleet wasn't created until AFTER the formation of the Federation...and my copies of the Federation Consitution has a great deal to do with the formation of Starfleet as an organization. It however remained a nearly human only force until after a famous Half Human Half Vulcan went against his father's (and vulcan beliefs) wishes and joined starfleet.

Even the Andorian's from Enterprise are kinda off, they are a warrior people, but they didn't build a powerful force of ships until the Romulan War, but didn't get a fleet online fast enough to aid thier human allies. I was also irritated that they changed history again.....according to "old" (pre enterprise history) the first human ship the encountered was the USS Challenger.

Oh and another rant lol, why did they change the Klingon first contact. According to the official (again pre enterprise) history. Humans from the Ranger class USS Ranger made first contact with the Klingons, a pre-warp culture, and were killed. Shortly afterwards the Klingons had warp drive, probably reverse engineered from the USS Ranger.

The only thing it seems they have not messed with are the Romulans lol, even the Vulcans have no idea what they looked like, even though they fought a war for nearly a century. When they show up they will probably have Warp Drive (which they did not have...established in Balance of Terror, TOS), and Archer will probably brawl with them in person.

It irritates me that commercialism has tarnished this dream of Roddenberry's, even from TNG you can pretty much tell by the tenor of the episodes when he died and did not guide the show anymore. The same thing happened with Fatt Ass George Lucas, his movies have completly went against the grain of his orginal dream. I hope Spielberg does not do it with the next indi move lol.

I do think Star Trek needs to take a break......I wish they would hvae scrappped the whole Enterprise idea and went with Captain Sulu and the Excelsior....Trekkies love seeing thier favorite shows and characters tied in to the new show. Probably why they rewrote the Klingons since they are the most popular aliens in Star Trek.



Well the best Voyager episode in my opinion is "Year Of Hell" Part 1 & 2 if anyone hasnt seen those i recommend it. And Im sorry to say but Enterprise RULEZ! Its my last tie to the Star Trek Universe and LOAF i admire your comments


I finally figured out where I heard the ENT theme song before...it's in the credits of Patch Adams. Just thought I'd share.


Last weekend i watched the newest ENT episode in latin america.
Some shit called ''Bounty'' IIRC, with a h0rny (Pon-farr) T´Pol and Archer-they-kidnapped-me-again...what a lame episode...


Eh, people say that, but I have no idea what it means. Frankly, spending five-ten years without any Star Trek just for the sake of it being 'cool' that Star Trek is back is a pretty lame publicity/expense ratio...

Then they should stop making Star Trek all together for eternity, seriously, its run its course. It's just the same show over and over again with different but similar archetypal crews on a different ship that serves as a different but similar setting.

They're going to just keep making more and more until they completely run it into the ground and they're sure they milked every last cent of it. I stopped watching anything Star Trek related with the onset of Voyager, I tried to give Enterprise a chance but I couldn't stomach it anymore after the beginning of the second season.

The reason people say it should take a break is because people are just so sick of it right now. Instead of blasting one series off after another like they're fond of doing.
THey had spent the last three shows around the same 15 year timeframe, by jumping back they alienated a whole generation of ST viewers. I think it would have been smarter to jump ahead 10-20 years...to allow cameos. For some reason ST fans love cameos lol.

THey should take a break though, ST is like the most popular Television serious of all time lol, never has a show captured the imagination of so many. And turned them into a legion of die hard fans.

Give it five years...a new series could be done then, as long as it was well written and innovative.


The only thing I don't like about the idea of making it even more in the future, is the technology they have by the time of Star Trek Nemesis is already so incredibly powerful, imagine what it would be like 10-20 years from that.

I didn't like the idea of them making in the past though either, everyone knew it would conflict with the other shows and it did and prequels never work. (StarWars anyone?)

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B&B ruined TNG for me with "all good things"

I mean it was cool to hear Worf say, "Captain, ship decloaking off starboard.. IT'S The ENTERPRISE!" And then seeing a Galaxy-X whoop some ass...

But then to have Admiral Riker say, "Warp 13/14"? really showed me they don't care enough about the franchise to even TRY to monitor scripts and stay in the limits of canon technical info EVERYONE knows by heart. yes I nitpick, but I have been watching Trek since diapers... Oh and I moved out of the basement in 1988 if you need to know... :p


"All Good Things..." was great in my opinion. The only way to end the best series of Trek ever.

The warp number thing is explained easily. They use a different warp scale in the future than in the past. Since starship speed continues to increase but not break the warp ten barrier it's easier to make a new scale than say "Warp 9.999994923593925923..." and so on.

Also a different scale was used in TOS than TNG, or how would you explain the numerous TOS episodes where the original Enterprise travels at speeds far exceeding Warp 10 on numerous occasions? I detest B&B as much as the next guy, being a chronic nitpicker to the point that I ruin things for myself, but warp drive had inconsistancies long before he came around.

If you want to really nitpick "All Good Things...", the three nacelled Enterprise-D broke Gene Roddenberry's guide to starship design which states "all starships must have an even number of warp nacelles", but some will say that it has two warp coils per each nacelle meaning it would really have the equivalent of six warp nacelles.

The Voyager episode "Threshold" was mentioned, as far as I'm concerned that episode was so ridiculous that it may as well not even exist. In fact they even mildly retconned that episode by having Tom himself say something about no one ever being able to break warp ten in a later episode.


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PeteyG said:
The scales are only incompatible between TOS and TNG. TNG+ is all compatible. Not entirely sure if the switch was made during or after the motion pictures I-VI.

Incidentally, Enterprise appears to use the TNG+ scale. Go figure. : )

What makes you think Enterprise uses the TNG Warp Scale. If it's related to the fact that Enterprise's max speed is warp 5 I wwould like to point out that a Constitution-class vessel's cruising speed is only Warp 6 by the TOS scale.


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It would be interesting if a manual for Enterprise is ever written, or if another version of the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and to see if it attempts to explain the differences in warp speeds between the now five different series.