Enterprise Officially Cancelled

I'm a big fan of both. Nemesis is, in my eyes, a travesty on par with the Star Wars Christmas Special. Neither of them should've been made, and were so OOC for their respective series that whoever came up with the idea should've been drug out into the street and riddled with an M-16.

But that, of course, is my oh-so-humble opinion.
Both franchises have brought us some incredible entertainment in 30 plus years. Conversely, they've had their low points: Star Wars and those stupid Ewoks, Jar-Jar and 3PO's ridiculous antics in episodes I and II, those stupid Ewoks, the various television specials (Donnie and Marie???- ugh), and those stupid Ewoks. Star Trek? Well, I was 13 when The Motion Picture came out and I fell asleep 2/3 through. I always thought Janeway was a silly, PC- motivated idea for a captain, and The Voyage Home wasn't all that great either. And those stupid Ewoks- oh, wait....!
I never understood why people disliked Ewoks so much. They're just kind of there.
I didn't mind Nemesis so much honestly. It wasn't unwatchable. It was better in the theater because the battle scenes were actually mildly exciting, it's not at home however.

I was just wondering throughout the film when massive capital ships started zooming around and battling like fighters, and then I remembered, "Oh yes... Starfleet Academy."

I have nothing against Enterprise although I didn't watch it on a regular basis, the recent Star Wars movies didn't really interest me either.
One of the problems I see with both Star Trek and Star Wars is that both franchises have been trying to inject more comedy or light heartedness into their movies. In Star Trek I thought they went too far with Data making jokes in Generations and in Insurrection. And in Star Wars we had Jar Jar stumbling around in Episode One.

I'm not against having funny moments in science fiction, I just think it should be more subitle. I thought the scene in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country where Kirk and McCoy are beamed off Rura Penthae just before they are shot was funny. As soon as they materialize on the Enterprise Kirk says "Couldn't you have waited a few more seconds, he was about to tell us the entire plan." And Chekov responds with "You want to go back??" I'd rather have this then Data making his tricorder talk or singing about scanning for life forms as he did in Generations.
For better or for worse, Star Trek has been a constant in our lives.
Dittos LOAF, I agree with your support for Trek.

I can't believe some of you so called "Star TreK' fans. You have the mentality that if it isn't exactly like TOS it isn't Star Trek. For your info, each and every series IS Star Trek, it just explores a different avenue, whether it was TNG, DS9, Voyager or Ent.

Some of you live in your own little Star Trek world. You cry and complain if the phazer or the uniform is a different color, get over it. You chose not to support the series and now you have NO Star Trek...period.

I have watched and enjoyed every Star Trek series from its inception to its cancellation and I can honestly say I like each and every one. Whether you liked or disliked a series, you should have supported it...... now you have nothing. Way to go Trekkies.

Why don't you stand up for it, go to http://saveenterprise.com/
It wasn't us.....really

Star Trek is dying because it's not bringing anything new to the table. For anything new or exciting, there was Farscape. I personally think that Voyager killed Star Trek. Voyager started out ok, and then they crapped on Kes and made Janeway a complete biotch. The series became unwatchable. Enterprise didn't have the personalities of Voyager (cool people like Paris, Kim, Tuvok and Torres), but it was pretty solid. When Voyager descended into the planet of the week format, and stale characters (which the admission of Jeri Ryan couldn't save), people had enough and got bored.

Enterprise was so very dramatic, I would have liked to see more jovial behovaior, following more the TOS attitude than the very sombre Picard. DS9 was more loose with Quark, and Voyager had it's lighter moments, but it all got bogged down by the complete seriousness of it all. Perhaps the time off will do good for the franchise, till someone feels it necessary to revitalize it.

Star Wars, on the other hand...cannot be saved...and could never survive the TV format. Someone need to whack George Luces really really hard.

-Mr. Roboto
Ok - with that article and this...."UPN said that the prequel series will have produced a total of 98 episodes."

That means that Enterprise is 2 episodes off syndication? - that's gotta be a bit of a bummer surely? - perhaps UPN will stick another 2 episodes onto it just to get it into syndication?
"You need 100 episodes to syndicate a show!!!" is something the internet made up. You have a better chance of selling something into syndication if you have *around* a hundred (or more) episodes... but shows with all sorts of runs are routinely sold into syndication.
That's true. Sorry to keep using Family Guy and Futurama as examples but I swear they'll play a given episode of Family Guy about once every week.
Fans trying to fund show themselves

There is a thread on the SaveEnterprise.com Forums about a campaign to raise funds to fund the show oursleves (i.e. give Paramount a big check to produce the show). This has also been Slashdotted . I know it sounds crazy but people seem to be getting onboard and if about a million fans give around $30 (less then the cost of a night out partying) we could hae a whole season of enterprise. this needs as much publicity as it can get if its going to work. I know this isnt a Star Trek forum but some of you might be interested in it. If this is a success it might help pave the path to getting tv shows that people what (WC anyone?) instead of getting crap that the network wants to throw at us (i.e. reality tv). If people here can help spread the word and maybe even post something about it on the main page it would be much appreciated.


P.S. here is a link to the FAQ about this campaign