Enemy Mine


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Caught this 80s sci-fi film on cable the other night. Has anyone else seen this? Human Dennis Quaid and "Reptilian like humanoid" Louis Gossett Jr. battle it out in space - then crash onto a deserted planet together and fight one-another on land. The story is pretty predictable, and the acting is pretty cheasy. (and the title? Seriously? How about 'enemy super space aliens' or SOMETHING...)

All in all, I would rate the viewing experience as "I almost screamed to get that hour and a half of my life back - almost."
I saw it on HBO when it first aired on there. I really liked the movie at the time. It really doesn't hold up though.
The title "Enemy Mine" would be "My Enemy" in more understandable English. It's a classic story of two different persons who are enemies only because their governments tell them to be. When they put aside all the propaganda they have been taught, they learn to like, appreciate and eventually love each other as brothers. It is only thinly veiled in a sci-fi overtone.

It may not be a "great" movie (define "great"), but this is definitely on my list of favorite okay movies. I don't hate anything about it and it's a pleasure to watch it everytime I catch it on.
While I understand and respect the story, I just felt the execution wasn't up to par - IMO I've seen Quaid and Gossett Jr. a lot better. On the other hand, all things considered I actually thought the effects were pretty good. Interesting ship designs. The reptiles had an unusual flight control system for their fighters.
I remember seeing this when I was a child, and from what I remember I did like it at the time. Mind you that was probably 20 years ago or so.....(sheesh, old bastard syndrome....I no like, bad medicine)
I've been meaning to seek it out actually, and I do look for it from time to time, if I remember too. Apparantly the book is quite good, should that be your thing.
Geez, how old are you people! It was an 80's movie and in the 80's this was practically Shakespeare it even won an Academy for "Best Picture With The Words Mine And Enemy In The Title".;)

Okay, seriously though, this movie was a big part of my childhood. If it wasn't for this and Battlestar Galactica, and few other B SciFi movies, I probably would not have gotten into Wing Commander as much as I did. Still watch, and enjoy, it every now and again.
I have this movie on DVD. While it may not be the greatest sci-fi movie ever (like stated above define great). I have always liked the movie itself. The Terran fighters were always cool, so were the Drak ships. I watch it every so often and still enjoy the movie every time.
I bought it on DVD as soon as it came out. The effects are hardly why you watch the movie it's more the interaction between the two main characters. Gossett Jr does a good job acting thru the makeup.

Anyone know where I can get the ship drawings? I googled it but only found small screen captures hardly worth it to do a 3D model from.

I always liked the title, I thought it had a double meaning but that could just be me or I dunno.

The movie holds up today and I like to watch it after The Last Star Fighter
The movie holds up today and I like to watch it after The Last Star Fighter

It's funny how you mentioned The Last Starfighter as I always thought that those two movies "felt" similar and would complement each other nicely.

Man, I need to buy these DVD's asap!
Well in the original Novella there was no mine... it was added to the movie because audiences might not understand that "Enemy Mine" meant "My Enemy" but rather would be confused that there wasn't a mine run by enemies. So the enemy mine was added.
The Last Starfighter is one of the greatest of all time. All I wanted for a while was that awesome scepter the villain often wields - it had a blade in it if IRC.

Always wanted a sequel - it's obvious that it was hoped one would be created. I wanted to watch "rising star" Lance Guest continue to take on the Kodan Armada for another installment!

As an aside - has anyone else caught the obvious nod to Starfighter in the movie Team America? No one seems to agree with me, but I think that flying car is a dead ringer for Robert Preston's...
Enemy Mine, The Last Starfighter, and Earthstar Voyager were some of my favorites as a kid.

Check out Starcrash starring THE HOFF, now there is a real piece of crap.
I can see that. There are similarities in the shape of the hull.

what always gets me is how absolutely huge the Gunstar is. I don't know if there are formal specs somewhere - but the fighter is large enough to be a small corvette. I mean, it launches and lands on its engines. Clearly a complex design.
I always wanted the *recruiting* arcade game from the movie too. Those controllers looked advanced at the time.
I think it's a decent movie
same theme has been copied over and over again in sci-fi though, and probably wasn't originated with Enemy Mine
Enterprise did an episode, TNG did at least 2 that used it to some level
There's a SG1 episode by the same name. it actually involves a mine, and has Unas which look a bit like the aliens in the movie
Enemy Mine is okay. It's yet another one of those movies that tries to show us that maybe, just maybe, the people that we're fighting against aren't so bad after all. You know, like Communists. We've got that, Rocky IV, and a craptacular movie that I saw over spring break called Robot Jox. Any others that I'm leaving out?