Empire at War Mod Builds First Ship (May 29, 2008)


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Major A Payne has released some shots of his revamped Border Worlds Durango. It's a 5000 poly model that will hopefully end up in the Star Wars Empire at War mod currently in the early stages. Payne's taken a number of cues from pictures of the cinematic model of the Intrepid to keep the ship fairly faithful to the original. A couple of details are also based on slight differences in the WC4 game model. A Hades class strike cruiser has also been started and should come together next. Both ships haven't gotten a whole lot of attention in many recent mods, so it's interesting to see fans' current takes on the designs. The project is also looking for a name, so suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to those images provided by AD, this new version looks a hell of a lot more like the original stock version. Unfortunately, I don't have the same kind of quality textures as the FMV version which is a big shame. So any further suggestions or corrections, feel free to point them out, but I believe this is as close as its likely to get.

Original update published on May 29, 2008
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The model is good, but what bugs me is that people after all these years still use same textures with bad palette from WC4. :confused:

Unfortunately, I only have one set of low resolution textures which Wildcat gave to me when WCInvasion was put together. Thats why the texture quality can look bad in some areas. However, if anyone has any textures that are around 512*512 pixels and have good detailing I would be highly grateful for any donations. I don't care if I have to retexture the every model more than once.

....and thanks for the news post. It was a bit unexpected.
alot of the textures are just modified hues of other textures too...keep that in mind when doing the textures