Emergency Contact Infos & Last Call Undershirts


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I sent this out in email, but time is short and I want to make sure this stuff gets out.

I've made some assumptions based on flight suit sizes.. this good for everyone?

Flight Suit Under T-Shirts
Medium: Death, Cpl_Hades, blonde
Large: Monee, TyeDye, ChrisReid, Weasel, Joe, Paula
XL: ace, KDown, Backup
2XL: Frosty, Silas
3XL: LOAF, Meson

I do also want everyone's contact info in case someone dies or gets lost. If you can, email me your cell phone/address/etc so I can generate a list. Or go ahead and post here if you don't mind the chance of a spambot or whatever picking it up.


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Since I'm so damn out of touch with everyone and it doesn't look like the situation will improve any until after Dragon*Con I might as well post what I can here before I forget.

My cellphone #: 518-598-9787
Blonde's Cellphone #: 518-505-3353

You can send me those nifty little text messages too, I love those things.

My new Boston address (since I know Chris likes to have everyone's addresses)

21 Sheafe Street
Apartment 2
Boston, Massachusetts 02113

I doubt we really care too much about spam since we never get any mail anyway (and that is quite a depressing thing).

Oh and the shirt sizes look fine.

Bob McDob

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