Elite: Dangerous


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My apologies if anyone has posted about this before, I did a quick look and found a couple threads from years ago but nothing more recent. Is anyone else from these boards playing this game? I have been on and off for a few months now and it looks and feels awesome, kinda like what Privateer Online could have been if it hadn't been cancelled.
I bought the initial version and haven't been back to it after a few frustrating hours.
Best as I could put my finger on my cause of frustration was that the controls seemed to be those of an atmospheric fighter rather than those that you would give to a space fighter. I tried all the options but couldn't break away from the feeling that there was an aerial combat fan on the development team intent on making the experience mirror one.
I need to spend some more time in this. I played a for a while back in Beta, but then drifted away from it. I recently played last week for a few hours and pirated my way to some quick cash with illegal goods missions.
I played the free preview on Xbox One. Sadly they only give me an hour to play the game, but wasn't impressed with what I played
I played the free preview on Xbox One. Sadly they only give me an hour to play the game, but wasn't impressed with what I played
From what I gather it's a game more for those that prefer to soak in the ambience and is somewhat deliberately slower paced. I'm not surprised an hour wouldn't be long enough to really get a feel for the game. (To be fair, It's a game I've been meaning to try and just haven't found the time yet).
I bought this game and started playing it for about a month..I got bored though so I'm not playing it right now.
I'm playing Elite Dangerous. As I played the original 1984 one - or the 1987 Firebird MSX port to be exact - I was very interested on the Kickstarter. It's by all means good game, with a solid engine, but still needs a lot of work to reach its potential. It's somewhat different from the "Privateer" experience, and it's a bit spartan on its current stage. Still, I'd recommend it for space combat sim enthusiasts. You can do the traditional trading, bounty hunting and pirating thing, and even explore some of the 400 billion star systems.
I played it a few hours in Beta, but that whole consistent online world stuff is not my thing (not that it stands out as one very much currently). I found myself grinding for a new ship, which i could use more effectively to... grind for another ship.
That said, the combat is fun, the graphics and art design are top-notch, and while it may seem like 2001: The Videogame at times, it can be very engaging for a while.
I wanted to get it, I played the heck out of Frontier, but the problem is time, time, time. I just don't have enough of it anymore. So I paused with my credit card half way to the buy button and then put it away :( when did I get old??
I am hanging on for Star Citizen, if I've only time for one, thats my choice.