eBay seller selling Origin Museum items?


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I was browsing eBay and came across "Rares Market" who seems to be selling a lot of Origin stuff they claim is from the Origin Museum. They don't appear in many eBay searches so if it's legit, it may be a chance to get stuff at a discount.



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it's totally legit and all the stuff I've bought is authentic. he's started selling in august'22, lots of stuff has already gone


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Not sure much is selling at a discount. Joe had an old CIC mug from the '90s in his collection and that ended up selling for $47.


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Yeah, that's right, people are fighting on those auctions to get what they want, forget about discounts. Expect new auctions to be listed every Sunday night.

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I can confirm this is legitimate, Joe Garrity sold his material to another fan who is making it available this way. We bid on some Wing Commander IV continuity polaroids we wanted to preserve but I haven't seen anything else irreplacable so far. Hope everyone gets something cool!


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That EA Resistance is Futile shirt is ominous.