Early Human heavy fighter



This one comes with 99% of the mesh completed, at 1940 tripolies (might be able to take some optimization). Missing wingtip lasers.

This was intended to be Confed's first superfighter, a symbol of power to help consolidate the structure immediately after the civil shakedowns. For years the bane of pirates, it mounted the first shields on Terran fighters that were more than just a joke. While pitiful by today's standards, they were massively stronger than the barely-adequate navigational shields of the era, and allowed the pilot to survive a moment of gunfire without even paint damage - definitely an edge when fighting against unshielded opponents, or when the pilot is skilled enough to dance out of the way until the shields recharge. Unfortunately, the exposed nature of the dorsal and ventral shield projectors made it possilbe for a wily opponent to knock the advantage away - IF they managed to get through in the first place. Initially armed with a pair of devestating Thunderstorm cannon (*) and a quartet of underbody missiles because the brass were unwilling to wait for final R+D on other parts, this was soon expanded by a medium missile mount under each wing and not just one but a pair of the prototype bolt-style laser cannon on the wingtips. Not the nimblest fighter ever created (60/60/40, 400KPH/900AB) but definitely one of the most feared by agressors, there are reports of one or two still cruising along the space lanes today - but these must be dismissed as, at most, collectors of antiques much like eccentric individuals who still operate hydrocarbon-fuelled vehicles. Even if the airframe was in pristine shape, the power system is at the end of even the most generous lifecycle and the shielding would protect you from nothing more than a stray asteroid - or a truly inept pirate.

*The Thunderstorm cannon was the direct precursor to the Stormfire cannon of more recent years and posesses similar performance out of the muzzle, but the Stormfire's much more compact system has entirely phased it's older sibling out of use. Firing 40MM caseless ammunition at a respectable rate from a 300-round bin for each gun, jams were unknown, the armor protection integrated into the housings ensured that pilots often went down with guns still blazing, and not even the era's capital ships were safe within the weapon's 2000m effective range. With the refit to lasers, the Thunderstorms were initially held back during firefights but the tendency of extended laser fire to melt power distribution systems as well as prevent optimal shield performance soon brought the Thunderstorm back to primary use,


Actually I didnt really think about the X-15 (and don't see any resemblance other than the side pods, sorry). It's much more a tribute to the Mig-25/31, both of which were fast-reaction interceptors, have reminiscent shapes to above model, and carried as the primary longrange armament four missiles under the centerline of the craft (range estimated as anywhere from 50 miles to upwards of 100). There's also a tip of the hat to the eventuality of the Raptor (crushing gun armament, tough ship to kill) and dare I say also the Scimitar in the wings, the moderate speed/turn, and the closein guns - it'll definitely get the job done, even when obsolete, but it wont be pretty.


I like the main body of the craft. As for the wings... let's just say, they have a Romulan quality to them.

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And me of the Centurion from Privateer.

Anyway, a ship with Stormfire pre-versions? Hehe, it would be cool to bundle concepts like this or that Firekka fighter into a pre-WC1-mod.


texing unknown... im not that experienced with modeling and have never textured something before. Might give it a try soon, there's a few meshes I've got laying around that need prettifying.


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I have done some modeling my self, but stucked up in the texturing area too... (which is why I havent showed anything yet)
Can someone please do a short "Texturing 101"?


Hi there. Pretty modelll! If you tell me waht software you use for modelling maybe i can help u a bit with textureing. Tip o' d' day: Check out www.3dtotal.com for tutorials on textureing :) Maybe you can find something usefull.