EA Fights For Protection From Copying (June 16, 2004)


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Sites such as Gamespot have reported that Electronic Arts, along two other leading game publishers, have filed a lawsuit in an effort to stop a new program that they feel would allow people to circumvent the copy protection of PC games. The program called Games X Copy allows the user to create a flawless copy of their original game discs.

Copy protection in games has come a long way since Wing Commander 1 where you were asked questions directly from the manual at the start of the game. Games now rely more on various protections built into the game CD itself as well as entries into your Windows registry. Some of these methods prove to be very effective and in some cases even punish legitimate users. A recent EA game, Command & Conquer: Generals, sometimes stops working if the hardware configuration of your computer changes too drastically. Ever since I've installed my DVD burner, my base explodes after thirty seconds each time I play. Certainly that isn't very fun.

Original update published on June 16, 2004
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