Dungeons And Dragons Online


Is anyone here planning to play Dungeons And Dragons Online when it is released? (Or already playing the Beta?) I haven't played any MMORPGs before, as I never had a good enough PC or connection, but as a long time D&D nerd, I'll be following this one with keen interest.


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Heh theres been D&D over the net almost as long as there has been a net. Like you Raptor my computer will probably try to shit itself running it with all the shiny new bits turned on.
I'll stick to NWN for now online, but I still prefer to sit down with a few mates from a proper campaign, and until they release any DM with a decent amount of flexibility I'm not in any real rush.
Still be interesting to see if this takes off though ;)


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I laugh every time i read that strip. And I'm happy with WOW now, can't possibly play two MOGs at the same time.

It is a pity, because a true D&D MOG could be awesome.

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I'm sure some D&D elements will definately be not included, for example:

-the spell memorizing rules: 4 spells (6 for a sorcerer) plus bonus is fine for P&P, but certainly not enough for an MMOG.
->If there's no memorizing, what's the point of the sorcerer, who sacrifices flexibility for extra slots compared to a wizard?
-turn based combat
-unique campaigns (chances are, pregenerated dungeons will get dull without a DM making new ones)


A sorcerer could have a casting time reduction, or gain spells automatically instead of having to buy/research them.


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Playing beta at moment, so far its been interesting. As I understand it, its not total D&D copy, they changed few things like you get enhancment points betwen levels. Quests were interesting and fortunetly not to long. What I did found lacking was WoWs huge outdoor areas and something to do betwen quests since there are no gathering skills(not counting gambling). Ill hold off my final judgment when its finaly out since its beta and they probably will add some of the stuff that was closed off in beta. Oh yeah the comic was right I didnt notice any dragons either just swarms of kobolds and undead.