Dryet's question regarding WH40k Space Marines


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I am posting my response to Dryet's question regarding Space Marines from Warhammer 40k here since he was getting criticized for hijacking the thread on the Black Lance praying.

Dryet's question was: but does anyone know who does the space marines in warhammer 40K pray to. Is it the emperor, and in that case, can he hear their prayers? (Considering that he is the most powerful psycher ever.)

Space Marines pray to the Emperor and their individual Primarchs. And the techmarines also pray to the Machine God of the Cult Mechanius.

The Emperor can hear the prayers of the Space Marines, and others in the Imperium. He sheds tears when marines or imperial forces are lost. Prayers by the Space Marines before particularly difficult battles have been answered by the Emperor in the form of assistance through the Legion of the Damned or other means. Although not a Space Marine, The best example of the Emperor hearing and responding to the prayers of a member of the Imperium though would be Sebastian Thor. Thor is said to have spoken with the Emperor who gave him the power to rally people against Vandire during the Age of Apostay and allow Thor's fleet safe passage through the warp storms during the fleet's transit to Terra.

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