Dralthi Fun! (April 11, 2017)

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Long Live the Confederation!

Remember the TrainSim (aka Squadron)? The 'arcade game' in the Tiger's Claw was both your first step into the original Wing Commander and a fun way to learn to fight the Kilrathi. Under the hood, the game treats the TrainSim as its own series of four missions (in fact, this is likely why there are four 'slots' in each series for potential missions in the first two games.) Each of these missions has four Nav Points that the player can't see because you can't access navigation or the map. The first has the wave with one enemy, the second two, the third three and the fourth four. A careful examination of the game's data reveals that each of these nav points has its own name... and they can be pretty funny!

Here are the point (or wave) names from the original version of the game:

Point 1: 12:00 at O.K. Corral
Point 2: Couple o' Nasties
Point 3: Triplet Terror
Point 4: Fear the Four

Point 1: Solo Flight
Point 2: Daring Duo
Point 3: Triple Threat
Point 4: Fantastic Four

Point 1: Brave Fighter
Point 2: Kilrathi Wingmen
Point 3: Kilrathi Squad
Point 4: Gratha Leader

Point 1: Good Odds
Point 2: Still Good Odds
Point 3: Not So Good Odds
Point 4: Set Up (Sting)
For The Secret Missions, the names are changed up (except the Salthi!)
Point 1: Dralthi Fun
Point 2: Two Dralthi
Point 3: Three Dralthi
Point 4: This is Boring

Point 1: Krants on Drugs
Point 2: Two Krant
Point 3: Three Krant
Point 4: Four of these ships

Point 1: Big and Slow Gratha
Point 2: More Gratha
Point 3: Yet More Gratha
Point 4: The Final Battle
Original update published on April 11, 2017
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Who has got all the way from the single salthi to the four gratha battle and won?


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It's happened before...probably out of practice now, though.

Other challenge I used to give myself back in the day was to load up Academy and set ten Drakhri at each of the four nav points, then try to make it through with a Ferret or Epee and no wingman.

The damn carpal tunnel pretty much keeps me from being able to do either these days, sadly...


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
I think I beat the sim a couple of times. It isn't all that hard compared to Academy or Armada. Now those I still haven't been able to come even close...


Mpanty's bane
That's pretty funny (the names, I mean). I love how I always learn something new about my beloved franchise here.