DragonCon Begins (September 3, 2010)


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Team CIC has made it all the way to Atlanta for DragonCon 2010. The convention doesn't really get going until mid day Friday, so there'll be lots of crazy pictures to come. I'd post more now, but we're off to get our Freedom Flights autographed by Mercedes Lackey! The cellular system here is a bit overloaded, but we'll be posting updates to the Facebook page and Twitters (@banditloaf, @aclawson & @chrisreid) on the go.

And congrats to our 250th Facebook follower, Tim Ray!

Original update published on September 3, 2010
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You know you're a parent when...

...the first thing you see in the DragonCon group photos is the toddler toys in someones living room that are sitting on the desk next to you.
I can't decide whether luigi is staring at princess peach's boobs.. or if (judging by the hat in the background) he found waldo.

also.. our man LOAF found an invicibility star.
I don't remember feeling all that sweaty, but I'm glad it's been recorded for posterity, at least.