Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.


Well, my dear friends, it's time to do the final scrambling of packing and assembling plans for the good old DragonCon. To help all of the neophytes out, I thought I'd offer some final clothing/weathery tips.

Although you can normally expect 90+ degree weather in Atlanta at this time of year, this summer has been abnormally mild and rainy. At the moment we're looking at highs of low to mid 80's during the Sci-Fi-Spectacular Weekend, and rain is pretty much a given (it always is. We can be in drought conditions all year long, we can see rain defecits of upwards of 10 inches, but it'll rain for D*C). Lows are going to be in the mid to high 60s: comfortable, but if you're sensitive to cold you'll probably want a light jacket for the night life.

To check it your damn self, use http://www.weather.com/weather/local/30305?lswe=30238&lwsa=WeatherLocalUndeclared

Here's a handy dandy checklist of items, other than clothes or toiletries, that you may need to bring:

- Cash. Lots of cash. You will need cash at every fucking turn. Cash machines here are plentiful, but it is not at all uncommon to find out that the Cash Machine is out of Cash.
- Some variety of weapon (if you're flying in, put it in your luggage, and I don't recommend explosives) to protect your cash from panhandlers. You can aquire weaponry at the con itself, but you'll run into them before you reach the hotels.
- Dog tags. Why? So they can identify the body if your weapon isn't good enough to keep the panhandlers off of you. Dental records won't work, they'll take the teeth and have them gold plated by spending your cash.
- Work on some sort of crazy person screaming. Best personal defense ever. 'Gimme yo wallet, g.' 'HAY DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE GAME BANNED AT GENCON?!?!' ::thug runs:: You'll need to be sure you've got the stare down too.


gh0d (Administrator)
Some other things to bring along, in addition to the various things listed in this thread:

- Pants with lots of pockets, or a hip pack. There's lots of flyers and stuff out there, and some are even worth collecting (if nothing else, for scrap paper on which to write notes, numbers, and so forth). There's also things like pagers/cell phones (not too recommended to use external holders), program guide, camera, and other assorted crap.
- For those wearing flight suits, some shorts. The side "pockets" are really just zippered holes, so you should have something beneath the flight suit. Going "commando" is not recommended, either.
- A sense of humor (something I need to work on at times). There's some stuff there that's so bizarre, if you don't laugh your head will explode. Literally. The hotel doesn't like cleaning up after exploded heads.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but it's late for me, and I don't want to spoil surprises too much. :D

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Mr. Kat
Shit, I forgot my dogtags

Well, the 2004 schedule is now up.. a few observations..

There are a couple of Margaret Weis signings so we could drop by one of those
The cam girls panel is back. It's truly a shame that Wildfire is going to miss out this time.
Hentai panel! I'd imagine that's going to be really twisted and fucked up. I'm so there.

LOAF wants to go to the Buffy prom too apparently.


The first day there was a couple of things in the classic sci-fi track I was gonna hit on my own, then the Episode 3 preview and panel with Steve Sansweet on Saturday, which is a must for me. They're redoing it Sunday as well and all, but you know. Gotta be there first.

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I hope you're working on getting Monee to come.

She can bring her ex-mormon friends too. I'm sure they'd like it.


I've tried to convince her, but she's got her heart set on not doing so. But she still intends to meet us at Teds, where I am going to force you buggers to go eat with me.


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Yeah, we really need to maximize our numbers for the parade or nightly patrols.


Shipgate said:
What are the nightly patrols?

Every night at DC there are massive gatherings of people in costume, sort of a sneak preview of what will be at the costume contest. Pretty much everyone in costume (aside from most of the Stormtroopers, because there would be WAY too many) will mill about in the lobby of one of the hotels. We do too.