DragonCon 2005!

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
Yay! ace, blonde, Chris and myself all booked our flights today. Flights are pretty cheap right now. What are your plans for getting to Atlanta this year?
Baring something like a broken car, I'm driving in, since it's only like a 3 hour drive from where I live.

(Anyone caught singing the Gilligan's Island song will be strung up with razor wire.)

Though, depending on how long it takes I might just not hassle with ATL driving, and take a Greyhound bus in, using MARTA for getting to the hotel. Not like driving myself in is that competitive, given it's like $50 for a round trip bus ticket, and about that much to cover premium grade gas for my car (turbocharged engines don't like low octane ratings) at current prices, which probably won't be in effect by the time summer rolls around.
Well.. I'm making a detour first to visit ace and blonde in New York.. so my flights are about £400. I figure food and Atlanta hotel costs will be about £150. The rest is just spending money. It's a good deal - the cheapest my flights have ever been previously was £550, and last year they were over £700.
TopGun said:
How much would it be just to get to Atlanta, I'm thinking about going

Since you're the only one here who knows where you live, it'd be most efficient if you asked http://www.delta.com instead of us. If you're asking Hades because you also live in the UK, you'd have to still check various travel websites, but you're probably looking at £350 or more. Hades got a really really good deal this year.
Finally, people who put cute crap in their 'Location' box get taken down a peg. A whole peg!
Assuming leaving from Gatwick, you could do the flight for £272 according to Expedia. That's leaving on September 1st on Delta 19, and going home on September 5th on Delta 12. There's a bunch of similar flights for the same price, they're all Delta though. I'm heading back on Delta 58.
Yeah. Well, get your plane tickets booked soon. By May you can probably expect those prices to have doubled. When I booked a flight in to Baltimore and out of Atlanta in May three years ago, it cost me about £550 which is my previous cheapest flight deal. I know what I'm doing extra early this year though so this year my flights are the cheapest ever.
LeHah's Budget Schedual

2005 = Year Of The New Computer
2006 = Year Of Dragon*Con
Cpl Hades said:
That's not good enough. This year is special. It's the fifth annual WC convention at Dragoncon. Fifth!

I'd rather not ruin such a momentus occasion with my presence, Hades. :)