DOSBOX Win7 Priv2 Joystick Problem


Rear Admiral
I'm running Windows 7 Starter on a Netbook. I've just beaten Privateer 1 through DOSBOX. It, too, had a joystick problem at first but I managed to fix it by setting the config to "2Axis". Now I've tried to run Privateer 2 and when it asks me to Calibrate the joystick (A Microsoft Sidewinder), I run the thing in the circles like it asks, but the dot never leaves the top of the square. Consequently, I can't get a proper calibration and flying is impossible.

Anybody experienced this?
Have you installed the DOS patch? Try holding the joystick in the lower right, hitting Calibrate, and then moving to upper left.

There's some alternate joystick configuration info in joystick.txt on the first disc as well.