DOS Wing Commander 1,2 and Academy


Vice Admiral
So heres a little problem for people to comment on:

I'm trying to play wing 1 but when i press fire while moving, the ship then continues changing direction even if i let go of the arrow key (this is with the keyboard).

Equally, if i try and fire while moving in wc2 or academy i cannot fire.

This is in dosbox 0.72 on a vista SP1 machine - now i'm pretty sure that i had no such problems last week on my main pc (XP system) but this week am away on work and only have the lappy with me!

So, is this an annoying laptop problem? or a dosbox/vista issue?

To futher muddy the waters, armada works fine, using exactly the same keys (although i can't for the life of me work out how to increase and decrease cruising speed with the laptop!)