dos joystick drivers?


I've been looking around, the only joystick drivers I can seem to find are for windows. The dos mouse drivers are great, with tiny mouse or whatever, it comes as .
So all that you need to do is type mouse. Is there any similar generic drivers for the joystick?
some joysticks do have a special setup program to, well, program them... :D
but there arent any drivers. the games should recognize the joystick. if not, thats really bad... :(
If it's an analog joystick and it plugs into your sound card's game port, then joystick drivers shouldn't be necessary. Otherwise, you'll need drivers specific to your joystick. Sadly, most companies these days don't write DOS drivers, so you may be out of luck.
Well that would certianly explain my troubles finding one.
Privateer didn't recognize it , so I figured I needed a driver for it. I guess it just plain ol didn't recognize it. Oh well guess it's the keyboard for me.
What kind of joystick? all my DOS games have recognized my Logitech Wingman joysticks... granted, I upgraded to the Wingman Attack. Very worthwhile stick... but they all work for me. could it be soundcard specs and setup?
Sound card specs! arg how daft of me. yeah there's a 98% chance that's what's wrong. I'm using a good old gravis analog in the port off my soundcard, but I didn't stop to think that I'd need to setup my sound card. it's a soundblaster 16 [the one part of my pc that's been the same on all my comps since, well the internal pc speaker].
I got some strange error when I first tried to get it to work, and I had just given up, guess I'll have to give it another whirl. Thanks Saturnyne.
Sound card setup.

Yeah, that's also kinda important. It's rather difficult for a game to sense a joystick if the gameport isn't activated....