Dorothy’s Diary (A Fan Fiction of WC4.123106)


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First of all, let me clarify that this is a non-native writing exercise, so if there are any inappropriate wording or sentences, please feel free to criticize! Thanks in advance!

The fan fictional novel Wing Commander 4.123106 brought me a lot of joy. At times I wondered what might happen after the end of the story. Slowly a thought came to me and it amused me. I wish I had the opportunity to present it and share it with you. I hope I could have the chance to finish it.

It would be great if you had read WC4.123106 beforehand. But if you haven't, you'll probably get a different fun. Just keep in mind that the characters of WC4.123106 are a lot different from the corresponding characters of WC4 and WC3. Most of the characters have become hilarious, and certain villain doesn't continue to act as a villain anymore.

Thanks to tarsus and capi3101 for the guidance and support.

(Note that WC4.123106 was rated R by the author. But I wish this fan fiction could be something PG.)
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2683.153 Sunny

Form today onward, I’m going to keep a diary.

After this summer vacation, I'll be going into 6th grade. I know that I am not good enough on writing because of this is not my native language. I am determined to overcome this difficulty and work for my future ambition.

In our last class in 5th grade, Mr. Kevin asked each of us in the class what we wanted to do for a career in the future. I spoke out loud about my dream: to be a good doctor.

The dream shocked the class, and they were overwhelmingly proud of me. However, stupid Todd was still using every opportunity to make irresponsible and sarcastic comments, saying that I would be performing surgery without a scalpel. OK, I admit I once forgot to bring my tools to a craft class, but serious medical events are totally different matters! Mr. Kevin told him that admiring a hero was more than just taking his name or imitating his way of talking. It seems Todd's intellect is incapable of hearing these insights. The good news is that I shouldn't have to see him every day next semester.

It's getting late, so let me write about it here today.

2683.154 Cloudy

At dinner today, Dad had a rare tantrum.

I understand Dad's troubles. This morning, he received a reminder. If he can't make his payment by the end of this summer, the farm my siblings and I grew up on will no longer belong to our family.

At the dinner table, Mom complained that Dad shouldn't have mortgaged the whole farm for a loan in the first place. Then Dad got mad all of a sudden and roared that if he couldn't even contribute some money to support the front lines, he would not consider himself an adult.

When the Nephilim invasion first came along two years ago, Dad was clamoring to fight on the front lines. No matter how much Mom and my aunts tried to convince him, Dad wouldn't listen, saying it was his duty and obligation to go to the front lines at this time. It wasn't until Uncle Eisen came to visit and analyzed Dad for a long time that Dad calmed down.

Indeed, Uncle Eisen, as one of the heroes who ended the Terran-Kilrathi War more than a decade ago, has enough to say about such things. He pointed out that, at this moment, someone like Dad going to war would do nothing good but cause chaos for everyone only. Dad, after calming down, admitted as much. So Dad decided to mortgage the farm, along with years of savings, donate the money to the front lines, in the name of “a veteran”.

After the money was ready, Jedediah my little brother excitedly asked how large a fleet could be established with this money. The look of disappointment on his face when he realized the money was only enough to build a few torpedoes is still fresh in my mind. But Jedediah, true to his reputation as my brother, immediately responded that if we could get rid of the bug invaders as soon as possible, the money saved be enough to build lots and lots of big farms all around the galaxy.

The rest of the day was not easy, and business on the farm was not very good due to the fierce fighting on the front lines. The repayable period is not extended for long. Uncle Eisen promised us that, as a last resort, our family could move to his farm.

What a kind old gentleman he is!

2683.155 Rainy

Our family is still worried about paying off the mortgage.

It’s raining all the day and we couldn’t get out to farm work. Dad had gone through the recent Star*Soldier magazine classifieds over and over again – he’s even thinking of becoming a bounty hunter.

It’s certainly not feasible. I really don’t know why he’s so confident in his fighter piloting skills. Even if he’d been flying well in the early days, it had been a long decade since he’d put himself on the farm here. Going into dog fight with those horrible pirates all by himself? Not a good idea, I think. Not to mention…

Ah, forget it…

2683.156 Sunny

Today Mom attended my last PTC of my elementary school years. PTC stans for Parent-Teacher Conference. I remember when stupid Todd once used to explain it as Phase Transit Cannon back then. It led his parents to think the school was having a scouting event that day.

Todd’s parents heard about the difficulties my family was experiencing and expressed their sympathy. They gave Mom some advice. Todd’s family moved here from the urban a few years ago. I’d admit that Todd’s parents are decent people, and they are so proper in their speech in front of my Mom, even a little overly humble. I remember when they had just moved here, they were so excited to be shaking to see Dad for the first time. Well, it’s said that every parent’s reaction to seeing Dad for the first time was similar.

I guess this will continue to happen next semester. It’s an unpleasant reality.

2683.156 Sunny

I just realized that Todd’s parents have some interactions with the movie industry. Since they admitted, I think it is true that the new Heart of Tiger holovid movie in production is really facing some problems.

When it comes to movie and literature depicting the Terran-Kilrathi 35-year war, there are just too many of them recent years, there are high quality productions. However, speaking of the truth, these movies, including the critically acclaimed Return of the Tiger, have a common problem: the actors are not realistic enough.

It would be natural for studios from the Confederation to produce movies that highlight the glory of the Terran heroes, while the movies made by the Union of Border Worlds feature Admiral Tolwyn looking like a madman. As for the movies made by the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans… Terrans’ Figures are all too… featured.

Can you imagine a Heart of the Tiger with three-centimeter-long claws?

This production, however, was announced to be completely different. The producer had previously stated that they were aiming to accurately recreate many of the people and events of those years, with all characters to be casted by actors of corresponding races and no CG were to be used. What is more, the historical advisors include Senator James Taggart and Chancellor Melek.

It’s said that the hero Maniac would love to play himself, but the war on the front lines won’t let him to get away. So, the role went to the famous veteran actor Biff. However, the director is said to have had a major headache with several key roles where he has been unable to find the right actors. The producer have therefore started sending out a lot of talent scouts.

Wow, as soon as I talk about movies, I’ve written so much. Time to sleep.

2683.157 Cloudy

From now on, I won’t pester Dad about the past.

I know that Dad lost his original family and our current family was established after. But if Aunt Louise hadn’t told me today, I really wouldn’t have known that was the horrible Imperial Emperor personally and directly order my Grandpa to be…

Every time I pestered Dad about the historical topics, it would be so hard for him to think about his father. I will be sure to study hard and know lots and lots of history so I could no longer need to ask Dad.

2683.158 Sunny

I really can’t believe that Dada decided to go into the movie!

At lunch today, Dad announced his decision to our family. My siblings and I were surprised. Mom and aunts were slightly worried, but supportive anyway. After all, we all know this might be the only way to pay off our mortgage on time.

That means, Dad has to confront his past once again. He would have to remember the days of fear, remember his father, remember his comrades.

But I believe in Dad’s determination. After all, that’s probably the only way we can continue with our own life here.

I am sure Dad is strong enough, after all, every morning, he sees such a face in the mirror.

Yes, there is no one more qualified for that role. It belongs to my father, Farmer Zeke, the former stand-in for Crown Prince Thrakhath.



(If you know the answer and would like to write the answer here, please use the spoiler mark.)

Next, please read WEEK 2...
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2683.160 Sunny

We will have Uncle Eisen visit us at home today.

Honestly, Uncle Eisen has always been the Terran I respect the most. As a hero with his armor off, he is always so approachable, yet at the same time so calm and confident - In fact, he's the only one so far who didn't freak out when he first met my Dad here.

It was shortly after Jedediah was born, when I was very young and uninformed. That day, Mom and Dad took us cubs to visit Uncle Eisen, who had just moved to the neighboring farm., Dad, wearing his checked flannel shirt, denim overalls, sturdy lace-up work boots and a low straw hat, followed Mom and us far behind to Uncle Eisen's door - it didn't help - Uncle Eisen noticed Dad within five seconds... By the time I didn't understand Terran language at all, so I have no idea what Mom and Dad explained to Uncle Eisen then, but I think they were surely explaining why Dad looked just like the dreaded Crown Prince Thrakhath.

Since then, we've been at Uncle Eisen's house while Mom and Dad and the aunts were working on the farm. He taught us to speak Terran language, told us about the history, literature and art of mankind, and, of course, sometimes told us about the wars he fought in his day. His grandchildren come to the farm when they are on vacation and we always have a great time together. In doing so, I learned basic manners for dealing with Terrans, such as have my claws retracted and not showing my fangs whenever possible - I must say these manners don't apply to stupid Todd! On my first day of school, he quietly tied my tail to the chair, and such tricks took many forms, each time requiring me to roar at him before he escaped playfully - To this day, I still enjoy reading books with Uncle Eisen on my days off.

I'll make him a fruit salad today. He'll love it!

2683.161 Sunny

Yesterday's dinner with Uncle Edson was wonderful.

Uncle Eisen was supportive of Dad's decision and admiring of his efforts to face the past and come out of the shadows. We talked a lot, including, of course, Dad's repertoire - condemning Khasra.

Khasra was one of the Crown Prince Thrakhath's subordinates as well as a member of the Kiranka royal family. He was a snob. I could understand why Dad hates him so much - a bad guy like Khasra had to have someone to vent his anger to when he was blamed by the horrible Crown Prince, and as the Crown Prince's stand-in, my Dad, whose face is almost the same as the Crown Prince’s, was the perfect punching bag.

Dad once bragged in excitement that Khasra was shot down by his own hand. Ha-ha, about this historical event, according to the Empire history, Khasra was shot down by Heart of the Tiger. However, and as far as my research... well, actually just heard from Uncle Eisen, Khasra was probably shot down by the Crown Prince, which was sort of the Kiranka clan's secret infighting.

Uncle Eisen gave us only one suggestion, or rather request to Dad regarding his participation in the movie: take me there, so that I would always be by Dad’s side. I understand his intention - when the horrible scenes reappear in front of Dad, he will be happy to see me.

By the way, Uncle Eisen likes my fruit salad!

2683.162 Sunny

Dad started preparing for the movie. He looked in the storeroom for his flight suit - the one he had worn when escaped from Kilrah.

At the time, Crown Prince was leading a squad against Colonel Blair's, and Dad, as the Crown Prince's stand-in, was routinely accompanying the squad - he was told, of course, that this was the final battle between Crown Prince Thrakhath and Heart of the Tiger, so he was not allowed to participate in the dogfight. But, though only from a distance, Dad instantly noticed the weapon beneath Colonel Blair's fighter, and realized, as a last ditch effort by Confederation, that it must be a planet-killer weapon! After Crown Prince was shot down, Dad realized that Kilrah's last moments were coming, so he fled the war zone using a newly equipped cloaking life-pod... Fortunately, his distress call was answered by a corvette. After that, the twenty-seven members of the corvette, along with Dad, escaped from Kilrah at full speed... luckily, in time.

This is what Mom told me - that the twenty-seven members of the corvette were Mom and my twenty-six aunts. They formed an all-female unit (probably the only one in the empire) in the "feminist" movement of the time.

In fact, as a cub I used to wonder why Dad was able to convince Mom and my aunts to run away in minutes. Then I realized, he could have given the order under the guise of being the Crown Prince, couldn't he? After all, it was a secret that the Crown Prince had a stand-in.

2683.163 Sunny

Dad found his flight suit. After Jedediah's repeated requests, Dad finally agreed to put on his flight suit and show it to us.

To be honest, seeing Dad in his flight suit, I understood why he was clamoring to become a bounty hunter - indeed, Dad in his flight suit is very different from his usual image of a simple farmer. By the way, this flight suit was the highest-ranked uniform of the empire - the kind worn by Crown Prince - so the fabric and decorative details were of the highest craftsmanship.

Jedediah asked Dad if there was also a Crown Prince's robe - the answer was no, of course Dad doesn’t. How could Dad have brought that stuff to the fighter at that time?

Dad once told me that his childhood dream was to become an agricultural specialist, to replace our traditional fat-laden meat dishes with healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, and to transform our planet from a monument to greed to a garden of delight. But life wasn't so rosy back then - Dad's dream couldn't have been realized given the long-standing gender imbalance in the population - the minority females were always surrounded by countless males, and they fought each other, plundered externally, and brought spoils of war to please their sweetheart. As a result, Dad had no choice but to fight in the army... and, even more unfortunately, he had a face identical to that of the Crown Prince, which made him the perfect candidate to be the Crown Prince's stand-in. Of course, he didn't dare to refuse the order, so he had to become the shadow of the Crown Prince.

The so-called stand-in of the Crown Prince was to follow the Crown Prince's appearance, to attend some troublesome social functions for him, to show up for him in some potentially risky situations, and even... to die for him in the most extreme cases.

The conflict between Dad's true and the multiple pressures that enveloped him caused him to live in pain. He had ulcers and saw a psycatatrist three times a week…

Fortunately, as mentioned yesterday, Dad did not die for the Crown Prince during the last stand-in mission, and now all that is in the past. Today, Dad could happily live out his childhood dreams with Mom and my aunts and we cubs by his side.

As I write this, I am relieved. Compared to the stresses Dad faced back then, the troubles today are nothing.

2683.164 Sunny

Today, the adults are out doing farm work. Some of us cubs, who are on summer vacation, went to play in the fields, some worked hard on our summer homework, and the rest of us stayed home for fun.

Jedediah and I, along with a few of our sisters, went to the storeroom to take out the flight suit and study it carefully. At the urging of us girls, Jedediah tried on the flight suit - it was a big sack for him. We all laughed, and Jedediah, embarrassed, exclaimed that he was still farmer material.

I still remember the way Jedediah looked in the helmet – his eyes looked like Dad’s. In fact, after putting on the flight suit, Dad's eyes were the only difference from the look of the Crown Prince wearing flight suit in the documentary, from where the Crown Prince's eyes were just so intimidating.

Jedediah is one of the rare boys among our siblings. In fact, ever since the discovery of a way to reverse the sex ratio – vegetarianism, the entire Kilrathi race has been immersed in a hopeful peace, as far as I know. And the discoverers of this secret were Mom, Dad and my aunts. I think our family's contribution to the Kilrathi race is exciting. And I am even happier that Dad commissioned other people to made our discovery public.

Yes, today, it is mostly believed that it was the Heart of the Tiger who discovered the secret. Hehehe!

2683.165 Sunny

Dad booked the tickets and the hotel rooms, and tomorrow we're off to Planet Movie Studios!

This will be my first time to go away. Mom and Jedediah were supposed to go together, but Dad found out that Jedediah hadn't finished his summer homework, so they had to leave a few days later.

Jedediah asked Dad if we should bring the flight suit for the movie. Uncle Eisen told us seriously: NO. He is right. After all, it isn't a costume, it is a real Imperial pilot's gear, no different from Crown Prince's, and in fact it is something very expensive. More importantly, it is better not to reveal too early that Dad was once the Crown Prince's stand-in, as that would do no good.

However, considering the costume errors in many previous movies, I carefully reviewed and measured the dimensions and details of the flight suit, took notes, and photographed some holovids, which I'm sure will come in handy.

2683.166 Sunny

Early in the morning, we are up and ready to go to the space port.

As usual, Dad is dressed in his checked flannel shirt, denim overalls, sturdy lace-up work boots and a low straw hat, carrying his favorite jag, pulling our suitcase, and we all wait at the farm gate for the shuttle to the port.

Uncle Eisen handed Dad the tiny container of soil from our beloved farm and said, "Take this with you, Zeke, and home will never be far away."

The shuttle comes, and I have to stop here.
To be continued...
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2683.167 no weather in the space

Traveling is really troublesome.

I have been to the spaceport three years ago to see off a classmate who had transferred to Boarder World, so the shuttle trip to the spaceport is familiar. However, it was also the farthest I had ever traveled before. On the shuttle, Dad sat quietly in the corner, with the brim of his hat down, and didn't say a word. He was always shy around most humans.

But at the spaceport, there were more complications.

First there was the security check! We had to stand in line, take some of our belongings out separately for inspection, and take off our coats and hats. Well, it looks like Dad had already thought about having to take off his hat, so he made a special ponytail hairstyle. Fortunately, he didn't attract too much attention.

Second, the flight was late. I heard that there was a virtual battle with Confederation pilots nearby, but suddenly there jumped out some suspected “pirates”, so the alarm went off. But then it turned out to be a false alarm, the “pirates” are some overfed flight enthusiasts out for unannounced performance art.

In summary, we boarded the ship just before midnight.

The ship is now setting sail. For the first time, I am able to see this planet from space with my own eyes. Thirteen years ago, after wandering in galaxy for almost a year, it was this beautiful place that accepted Dad, Mom and my aunts, who had been refused by many planets, to have their new life. Looking out the porthole at the planet I was born and raised on, from a vast expanse of land, gradually revealing herself in all her fullness, and then, farther and farther away, I said inwardly:

"I love you, my home world. See you next month."

2683.168 Sunny

Wow, this is Planet Movie Studios!

After the last jump, the bustling planet came into view. There are many, many ships in the orbit - I know, not all of them were vehicles, but some of them were actually movie sets.

Some of those ships in these space studios are really special - they are giant one-to-one props recreating the exterior and partial interiors of some of the historic ships! At a glance, I saw "Tiger's Claw", "Victory". Actually, there is also a "KIS Hvar'kann", but I didn't see it just now. The real KIS Hvar'kann was the Crown Prince Thrakhath's command ship, and it was there that Lord Melek expressed willingness of surrendering to Colonel Blair. Many historical movie scenes were shot on this "KIS Hvar'kann". Well, I think a lot of scenes for this movie will be filmed there as well.

Seriously, there are some rumors about these giant props, especially the Kilrathi ship-style ones, that some of their parts are just removed from the real things. According to the Treaty of Torgo, after the war the Kilrathi Imperial fleets dismantled all the surviving warships, so perhaps some of the less military-worthy parts went to civilian industry. What Mom, Dad, and my aunts used to trade for civilian transport and cash was the corvette they fled Kilrah on. Hey, does that corvette have some parts here too?

The ship landed. As we disembarked, one of the crew stared at our suitcases for a long time - I knew he was looking at the claw marks on the suitcase. Those claw marks were made by Aunt Thelma when she had a quarrel with Dad six months ago. The people here are just so knowledgeable, hehe.

2683.169 Sunny

Okay, I admit the situation is a little more complicated than I thought.

I originally thought that with Dad's look, getting here would be a straightforward process of meeting with the producer, signing the contract, and then starting work with the crew. But... today, we found the place at the address Todd's father gave us, and the receptionist at the door just dropped a sentence:

"Auditioning for Heart of Tiger, right? 1501 Conference Hall of the fifteenth floor."

She didn't even look us in the face! Not only that, but most of the staff here are like that. This is the first time I've encountered such situation! As I said before, most humans tremble, and some scream, when they first met Dad. Even a seasoned hero like Uncle Eisen was taken aback. But the people here...

However, I soon found out why.

We arrived at the 1501 conference hall and looked in through the door - there were dozens of “Crown Princes” lining up!

Most of these "Crown Princes" wore the famous Prince's robes, and some wore flight suits - of course, they were no match for Dad's real one. In fact, many of the costumes were so crude at first glance that they would have been a bargain among Halloween props. There were some good ones, but most of them looked like they were imitations of costumes from previous movies and lacked detail. As for the candidates themselves, they were of different sizes and temperaments, some of them obviously desperately trying to look like the Crown Prince’s face in the documentary through pure makeup. There was a muscular guy who looked like a bodybuilder, and wore only a T-shirt and jeans with the imperial emblem and sneakers to accentuate his muscles - but his tortoiseshell fur would have made the job very difficult for the makeup artist, obviously.

However, I soon realized something.

Probably all the same to humans, but to we Kilrathi sense of smell it was clear - most of the candidates in the room had a very strong odor - the smell of eating meat. Dad, however, is very used to being a vegetarian, and this morning he just had some bread and milk and a fruit salad that I made myself. So, we could be quite... different. I looked up at Dad and tried to say something to him, but seeing the brim of his hat, which was even lower than usual, I decided not to say anything.

After registering for the information, we waited in line for an hour and finally got in front of some examiners. To be honest, I was still a little nervous at this moment- there had been many candidates who had simply been declared ineligible, and I even once regretted not bringing Dad’s flight suit. There were a human, a Kilrathi, and a Firekann, three examiners. I observed that the main role of the Firekkan examiner during the test was to... tremble. The more pronounced the Firekkan's trembling was when each candidate made a low roar on demand, the more points the next human examiner gave in this category. Well, the movie industry is not all about directors and stars, and it's really hard for some of the junior staff.

Finally, it was Dad's turn. The human examiner first asked Dad to take off his hat, then scrutinized him attentively for a while, and then asked him to growl. However! Here was where it went wrong - Dad couldn't make the growl for seconds! This may be the result of our family's long-standing insistence on being polite to humans! But to be so polite at this point would be a trouble!

The Kilrathi examiner stepped forward to replace the human examiner, then looked Dad, locked eyes with him, and asked him the following question in Kilrah:

"You were in the army, right?"

After Dad answered in the affirmative, he continued:

"I was once squad's officer, and NOW you are my soldier! Answer my question truthfully: why do you insist on being a vegetarian when you know the mission you came here for?"

Dad didn't know how to answer. The examiner, seeing this, sneered and said, "Is having more daughters more important than our mission?"

Hearing this question, Dad was startled at first, then slowly raised his head, ears pinned back, with an amazing growl in his throat: "It's none of your business!"

The Firekkan examiner fell out of his chair and sat down on the floor with Dad‘s voice.

The human examiner made a big stroke on the tablet, "Well, not bad. Go back and prepare for the next round tomorrow."

Uh, so this is just the first round...?

On the way back to the hotel, Dad walked up to the fast food, hesitated for a moment, went in and bought three buckets of roast pork - then gave me the Coke and fries and left the meat for himself.

2683.170 Cloudy

Well, the three family buckets yesterday really caused us a lot of trouble.

First, I was the one who ended up tossing and turning last night unable to sleep because of three Cokes in a row and worrying about today's second round of auditioning.

And Dad... wasn't sure if it was the quality of the food or the fact that he hadn't eaten this much meat at one time for so long, but today he... wasn't feeling well. On the way to the studio, he had to go to the washroom again. I waited for him outside, looking at the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, and remembered the birdsong of my home farm, which had a special flavor.

"Excuse me..."

While I was distracted, a Kirah phrase brought me back to reality. It was an Kilrathi girl with an orange-brown fur, about three or four years older than me.

"Excuse me... May I ask where the Heart of Tiger staff office is?"

Huh! Is she also going to the audition? I first told her that we were going there too, that it wasn't easy to find, and that we could go there together to avoid getting lost. But she politely declined.

Five minutes later, she came back - apparently lost.

She apologetically explained that she was accompanying his father, who was not too keen on contact with others, and that why she refused me just now.

Oh, that's certainly understandable. After all, my Dad is shy in front of most humans too. This time, I opened the holomap and explained to her in detail how to get there. She was grateful.

Suddenly, I realized that we might be competitors! I asked her very carefully, what was the role her father auditioning for? And her answer surprised me even more:

"Auditioning? Oh... no, we're not auditioning for... My father is just here to play... a small supporting role."

Her father isn't a candidate? So... is he a professional actor? No, how could a professional actor get lost on the way to the studio! I can't figure it out.

So, we exchanged our SNS IDs - her name is Laurel. Nice to meet her. I appreciate her encouragement for my Dad.

After this, it took another five minutes before Dad came out of the washroom. I told him what had just happened, but Dad seemed a little distracted.

2683.171 Cloudy

There's nothing going on today, so we had time to walk around the downtown.

Yesterday's second round of auditioning was mainly fitness tests and such stuff, which went relatively well. The fitness test was at the fitness club in the same building. I saw the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy again - wow, he really passed the first round! This guy is really a pro body builder - he was even doing cardio while waiting! The music playing in the the gym was the Kilrah cover of the works of the great Terran classical pop master Michael Jackson, a talented musician who was active shortly after the Terrans mastered sound recording technology 600 years ago. His works are also loved by many Kilrahi. However, when the song "Billie Jean" was played, or rather the line "… but the cub is not my son" was played, the tortoiseshell fur guy yelled out, his voice betraying sadness. I don't know what happened to him.

When we went out shopping today, Dad went to the washroom again. While I was waiting, I noticed there was a veterinary hospital right in front of me! When I saw the lovely Terran kitties and puppies inside, I couldn't help but push the door open and take a look.

The Veterinarian here was very enthusiastic and got to talking to me. He asked me if we Kilrathi people have also become interested in Terran pets in recent years. I said yes. Indeed, our former neighbor, Colonel Blair, Heart of the Tiger, had asked our family to take care of his cat and dog when he was recalled to active duty in 2673. The girls loved Dad, and Dad loved them so much.

Mr. Veterinarian mentioned that a few days ago he had a Kilrathi visitor whose couple of tortoiseshell Terran cat were expecting kittens and he wanted to ask him some questions. Mr. Vet said that he answered the questions and mentioned that male Terran domestic cats rarely have tortoiseshell fur, and that the very few male Terran tortoiseshell domestic cats are unlikely to have offspring due to genetic problems, so the kittens should not be the offspring of the visitor’s male cat, and then strangely, the visitor was stunned and then politely left, looking very strange.

Oh, those poor Terran tortoiseshell cats! Although tortoiseshell-fur males are also very rare among we Kilrathi, we don't have this genetic problem at all – yes, it's a small knowledge point that Kilrati civilian rarely concern, but it's well documented in the Imperial registry of soldiers, as I confirmed in the Imperial records Mom and my aunts brought back.

Mr. veterinarian then asked me if we Kilrathi people tend to keep Teran cats that are similar in fur color to our own. That visitor himself has tortoiseshell fur and very strong muscle, which impressed Mr. veterinarian so much.

Eh? As I write here, why do I feel something is wrong?

2683.172 Rainy

The judges haven't arrived yet, so I have time to record what just happened.

Today's third and final round of auditions will be a bit more serious, as the remaining six candidates will have to make a last-ditch effort for the chance to cast as Crown Prince. I'm told there are some big names on the panel of judges today.

To prevent any recurrence of washroom problems, Dad has been careful to go with a meat and vegetable menu since last night, and this morning he just ate a canned meat with bread, milk and salad. It works, and the odor of eating meat is not strong but noticeable. Accordingly, Dad felt comfortable all the way.

We arrived at our destination and waited in the room as required. To my surprise, the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy was one of the last six candidates! As mentioned before, he may have some misunderstandings with his lair-mate, so I decided to help him out.

But herein lies the dilemma: How can I explain to him that we Kilrathi don't have the Terran domestic cats’ "tortoiseshell male genetic problem"? If I directly persuade him, I would probably be recognized as trying to comfort him, not to mention that it would be very awkward for a stranger to bring up such a topic.

I leaned in and read the relevant scientific papers I had previously downloaded in front of him. But he didn't pay any attention to me. There was nothing I could do, so I clicked on the voice reading, but it made me the center of attention in the room at once, so I had to click stop.

Looks like it was the last straw! I dialed Stupid Todd's phone - well, the guy still seems to be sleeping in! When he picked it up, I, without missing a beat, started laughing at the fact that his male tortoiseshell cat couldn't have litters, and that we Kilrathi seem to think it's a joke that creatures of the earth have such color-related defects - of course, Todd's cat doesn't exist, and how could he, with his taste, be qualified to serve such a fine pet? That bird is just as stupid as Todd is - and then immediately ends the call.

The tortoiseshell fur muscle guy came up to me and said:

"Thank you, kind young lady with the gorgeous fur. I've got it all figured out. Don't worry, I'll love our cubs as much as my father loves me, and my grandfather loves my father."

Eek! Why does the situation seem to be getting more complicated?

However, to my surprise, something even amazing happened.

I was so disappointed that I confided in Dad about it. Hearing this, Dad looked up at the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy, smiled slightly, and first told me to stay here, then went up to him and spoke to him. Although I couldn't quite hear what they said, I was surprised when I saw the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy showing surprising, then seemed to understand something ultimately important and rushed out to make a call. I asked Dad, who was back by my side, what he said, but he simply told me that the matter was resolved and not to worry.

This was so strange.

Oh! Looks like the judges have arrived! The third round of destiny is about to begin! I stop here now, and I'll continue with today's diary tonight to properly document this auditioning! Sivar, please bless our family and our farm!


It's now 1:00 AM and Dad finally got our early morning tickets home. I can't sleep, so I'll just keep writing about today's events.

I knew there were big names on the jury this time, but I was still surprised when I actually saw "The Living Joor'rad" appeared. He's a famous Kilrathi actor, an extremely solid performer, who has played the Kilrathi Emperor in various serious historical dramas throughout the years. Not only that, but he lived a very modest life and rarely participated in public activities other than acting. I knew for a long time that he was certainly the actor of the Emperor in this movie, but I never thought I'd meet him today!

The way he walked in the doorway, the gait, the creepy look in his eyes, all looked exactly like the Kilrathi Emperor in the documentary. He hadn't been wearing the Emperor's robes and hadn’t wear the Emperor's prosthetic eye, or I might even have thought it was the Emperor coming.

More to the point, during the war, "The Living Joor'rad" was the emperor's stand-in (I think the "Emperor" in some of the documentary scenes was actually him). He was secretly sent away from Kilrah just before the history-defining battle, so luckily escaped. I remember one of his famous quotes: "The only reason I still have my body intact is that after I made my left eye and my left leg as if they did not exist, the Emperor, for some reason, thought it useful to keep them in my body".

And today, there is one important thing - yes, he must have known Dad, who was also an imperial stand in! The subtle change in his expression after the brief glance with Dad when he walked into the room also confirmed it for me.

As a fan, I really wanted to get his autograph or even a holo with him, but seeing that horrible face with the "Do Not Disturb" written all over it, I decided to wait for another time.

Another celebrity was Biff, the veteran actor who is playing Maniac, an actor who has a peculiar habit of living exactly as his character does once he's on set, until the end of the shoot. Today is no exception, as he appears as Maniac. And this is what caused the trouble later on.

Dad was the third of the six candidates to on stage, preceded by the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy.

The first candidate started out well, but when "The Living Joor'rad" came on to play against him, he obviously panicked. The famous line "Khasra! I've heard enough of Khasra!" just sent him sprawling to his knees.

The commentary on "The Living Joor'rad" sounded creepy as hell:

"Be thankful for this new era, young one. If you had been one of us back then, this performance would have you been eliminated on the spot - and by then you already know too many of the Emperor's little secrets, so what elimination means is self-explanatory."

The Tortoiseshell fur muscle guy came on stage... I don't know how to say this, but I always felt like he was completely out of rhythm. He looked more like... a guard at the side of royalty, which was especially evident when talking to "The Living Joor'rad". The judges laughed at first, but then came to accept the feeling, and some even applauded. Except for Biff, however, whose subsequent comments were simply unbearable.

"I wish this was Thrakhath, so the Confederation could have won the war forty years earlier."

"Fine, and don't waste your feelings here, come work as a guard at my house, 20 Credits a month - you pay me."

"We Terrans don't have such a rotten visual system, look at your fur, like an inked rag, myopic eyes can tell you're not Thrakhath from ten kilometers away without glasses."

And the most outrageous line of all: "You know what? A male Terran cat of this fur color can't have kittens."

First time I've ever met anyone more obnoxious than Stupid Todd!

Finally, it was Dad's turn. I gave Dad my encouragement, and then stood in the darkness in the corner, watching quietly.

Dad's performance was pretty steady. He delivered his lines and the like with ease, and his scenes opposite "The Living Joor'rad" were very smooth.

However, even I could tell that there was always something wrong. Yes, there was always something wrong.

"The Living Joor'rad" looked down, pondered for a long time, and waved his paw, indicating that he would let the other judges speak first.

The other judges first gave Dad good comments on his fluency, voice, and appearance, and then, politely, said that the fierceness and cruelty of the Crown Prince's bones were not reflected in Dad.

"The Living Joor'rad" added the following.

"A peaceful life and a happy family really changed… you."

If the critique of Dad had ended here, I might have expected lower scores from the remaining three candidates. But Biff's, or "Maniac's," speech led to an unexpected turn of events.

"Maniac" took the microphone, laughed for a moment, then pointed his finger at Dad's face and began his scathing remarks.

"Come on, Zeke, The Living Joor'rad just told me. yes, I know what you used to do.

"Normally someone like you don't have to go through the audition process, but just go through the recommendation process. But I'm really glad you went through the audition process, otherwise our acting director would have gone on strike with the studio afterwards."

"You know what? For the role of Thrakhath, your real strength is now this face - ONLY."

Then he uttered the most unbearable words.

"In fact, I think instead of reluctantly playing Thrakhath, you should just play his father. Anyway, there's only one scene in this movie about Gilkarg, where he is dragged before the Emperor and killed."

I really don't know how stupid a person has to be to say that in front of my Dad!

Dad's father was ordered by the Emperor to be... I know that it was the eternal nightmare in Dad's heart. But this "Maniac" opened his scars in public with a mocking tone!

And the next thing that happened was just as I feared.

Hearing that, Dad first froze, then his fur, together with his anger, erupted like a volcano! In front of a stunned crowd, Dad took steps closer to Biff - predator steps, grabbed him by the collar, lifted him high above the head!

"The Living Joor'rad" was the first to come to his senses, shouting, "NO!!!!!! My... Zeke! STOP!!!!!”

And I then yelled, "Dad! No!"

At the sound of my voice, gradually, Dad's fur smoothed out, and then, he put Biff down slowly.

Dad turned to me, took my paw, and said:

"Dorothy, let's go home."

Back at the hotel, Dad bought dinner for me, but he didn't eat anything himself. He sat in his room for a long time, not saying a word, and in the early hours of the morning, bought tickets for the early morning ship home.

I don't know what else to write about...

2683.173 Sunny

Life is funny. Sometimes, just when you're feeling confident that nothing is wrong, all sorts of difficulties can pop up in ways you never thought possible, and just when you're feeling discouraged, good news arrives.

Early this morning, Dad and I packed our bags and left the hotel to go to the spaceport for the spaceship for our flight home. We didn't tell our family what happened yesterday, which was so disappointing and better be explained face to face.

After the security check, I sat beside Dad, who was sullen and unhappy, and didn't say a word. Yes, how can we explain this when we get back? And, really thinking about moving, how do we coordinate with Uncle Eisen about the residence?

Seeing the wide variety of movie and TV accessories in the souvenir store across the hall, it occurred to me that Jedediah is a big fan of the classic Terran drama Star Wars. At least, we could buy him a gift.

Dad and I went into the store. Dad instructed me to pick something that Jedediah liked and he would just pay for it. But I also knew that this time the purchase should not be too expensive. I still turned my head silently as I saw the detail-filled model of the Millennium Falcon. Darth Vader's helmet mask... This thing didn't fit the face of we Kilrathi, so it's not worth the money if it can only be used as an ornament. In the end, I chose a Light Saber toy. It's a safe and reliable product that uses Holovid technology and can be played with for an hour on a ten-minute charge.

Dad paid for it. The audio announcements in the hall seemed to be looking for someone, and everyone at the boarding gate was already lined up.

At that moment, I saw a team of uniformed spaceport staff wandering around the lobby with information signs. Wow, that's funny, it's also bilingual for Terran Language and Kilrah.

Hmmm? The message board reads... "Mr. Zeke, you have an urgent message for someone who wants to speak to you. - It's for us!

I hurriedly explained to Dad, but he impatiently said that we would be boarding in about one eight minutes, and even if there were any items left at the hotel, we could just ask them to mail it home.

By this time, the staff member holding the sign had seen us - indeed, Dad's stature stood out among the passengers. He rushed over to us and said.

"Mr. Zeke, right? The people from the movie studio are looking for you on an urgent matter and they are waiting for you right now in the office on this floor. "


To my surprise, we were approached by one of the examiners for the first round, Mr. Haikri, the Firekkan "Trembler", and then by... the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy?

First, they asked why they never get through - well, Dad‘s phone was rejecting all unfamiliar calls - and then they told us – Yes! Thank Sivar! Dad is being Accepted!

I was jumping for joy and surprise, while my dad was acting much more calmly. First he sighed and wondered if it was too late to refund the tickets. After getting the answer from the staff, he mockingly suggested to Mr. Haikri that perhaps the Performance Director of the movie would have to work overtime.

To my amazement, Mr. Haikri's reply was that he would do what he was supposed to do, and that he would definitely try to make sure that Dad would be portraying a real Crown Prince on the holomovie - wow, Mr. Haikri is the Performance Director! Unbelievable!

Mr. Haikri said that he couldn't reach us by phone, and that he knew from the hotel that we had checked out, so he went straight to spaceport - and the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy volunteered to go with together, saying that he knew us well and could help - He was the one who recognized our odor at the security checkpoint and made sure we were waiting for our flight this floor.

It occurred to me that since Dad had passed the audition to play the role of Crown Prince in the movie, that meant the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy was out.

Out of courtesy, I apologized to him. But he was happy to tell me that although he didn't have a chance to play the Crown Prince, he got a contract for a small supporting role based on his solitary character performance! Wow! Congratulations to him!

At that moment, the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy's phone rang. On the other end of the line, an old, booming voice yelled angrily in Kilrah:

"You idiot! You were supposed to be there for casting as me and your father! Who asked you to audition for the role of Lord Prince! ... What? You went to the reception and she told you to… you follow an [the "a" word, which is a Kilrathi's impolite slang refers to Terran. I won’t write it here]’s order? And! How can you cast as Lord Prince? Is that something our family could do? Is your brain made of muscle?!!!!!!!!"

"And! How can you go to an [the "a" word again] clinic for your Lair-mate's prenatal consultation? Not to mention it's a veterinarian one!"



More to the point, during the war, "The Living Joor'rad" was the emperor's stand-in (I think the "Emperor" in some of the documentary scenes was actually him). He was secretly sent away from Kilrah just before the history-defining battle, so luckily escaped. I remember one of his famous quotes: "The only reason I still have my body intact is that after I made my left eye and my left leg as if they did not exist, the Emperor, for some reason, thought it useful to keep them in my body".


(If you know the answer and would like to write the answer here, please use the spoiler mark.)

Next, please read WEEK 4...
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Ensign, 2nd Class

2683.174 Sunny

Early this morning, we had just finished breakfast when the doorbell rang: "Clean up."

However, I opened the door and there were Mom and Jedediah! They didn't give us any advance notice, just wanted to surprise us - phew, that was close, if we had gotten on the spaceship back home yesterday, it would have been a trouble.

Mom was relieved to hear about the tumultuous experience and the desired outcome, and Jedediah was clamoring for Dad to take us to the nearby Movie theme park - indeed, it was what he had been waiting for.

Planet Movie Studios, being a movie city planet, naturally has its own entertainment facilities for fans.

As already mentioned, there are many 1:1 historical ships in orbit, and on the ground, there are also many theme parks, some of which are modeled after civilizations and planets: for example, one modeled after the human home planet Earth (very large, with sections for temperate, cold and tropical environments), and one in the style of Firekka World. Jedediah was also curious and asked if there were any imitations of our home world - well, naturally not, and even if there were, would you have to pay to go to a place that was almost identical to the one you'd just left at home? At this point, it occurred to Mom that maybe in the future we could build an agricultural resort to welcome tourists and earn some extra income. Dad thought it was a good idea, too.

Of course, there are also a theme park here that mimic the Kilrah landscape. Theoretically, the overall climate and daily light settings should work best for us Kilrathi tourists. There is also a miniature imperial capital city with a 1:1 Imperial Palace at the center. A lot of historical movies were shot there. But I thought that Dad would have mixed emotions when he went to that place, and there will be scenes shot there in this movie, so I quietly agreed with Jedediah not to talk about it yet.

The daytime experience was very happy. In the evening, Mom and Dad decided to take Jedediah and I to watch two movies - the original 20th century movie version of the classic Teran drama: Star Wars series that he had always wanted to watch here! This is one of a series of works about space voyages and wars that were made shortly after Terrans had mastered the technology of audio and video recording. At that time, Terrans had also just made their first brief attempt to leave the Earth (only to reach the Earth's satellite, moon). Jedediah knew the story of the series very well, and compared to him, I had only an amateur's cursory understanding of the basic setting and plot, so this viewing was an opportunity for me to compile a systematic knowledge of the series.

We only had enough time for two viewings in one night, so we chose Episode IV: New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

For me, there are three key points to note in these two movies.

First, one of the Empire's aces in the hole, the DS-1 Platform, a.k.a. the Death Star, which destroyed the beautiful Alderaan with a single strike in the movie. It naturally recalls me TCS Behemoth at the end of the war, which was destroyed in combat without its mission accomplished.

Secondly, Luke, the protagonist of the movie, flied a fighter and destroyed the DS-1 Platform with the support of his teammates.

These two points always made me think of a lot of things, some of which are quite heavy for both Terran and Kilrathi. I won't go into them here.

And finally, of course, is a funny point: Luke has a face similar to Col. Blair the Heart of the Tiger‘s! Maybe this is a kind of face of a hero?

It was truly an amazing experience to watch the movies with fans from all over the universe. After the screening, there was a little activity to give us some gifts. At the end of the activity, there was a funny little gag: the host asked everyone to shout out the most famous line of the series - I know it was supposed to be "May the Force be with you", but these fans, include Jedediah, in the same breath, shouted out another line - the most important line in the Episode V - "I am your father", uttered by Darth Vader in front of Luke.

The whole room was in an uproar, and the host tried his best to "correct" everyone, and Jedediah was laughing from ear to ear. I also thought it was funny, but… I felt like I couldn't laugh as much as he did. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's because... I'm not such a professional fan?

2683.175 Sunny

Contract signed!

This morning, Dad formally signed his contract with the producers to be an actor in the new Heart of the Tiger! And I, too, have an on-set identity - actor Zeke's personal assistant! Haha! It looks like the name Dorothy Zeke will also appear on the Staff Roll at the end of the movie, and stupid Todd will be amazed!

The exact film schedule should be out soon. Supposedly, the first thing is to film the flying scene - in a flight suit. At my reminder, Dad and the props department contacted in advance to see the props for the flight suits this time.

After seeing the real thing, I also can't help but praise its simulation. This movie is really a big deal, all aspects are very strict. I compared with the real flight suit holos before, but only found a few details that need to be adjusted, and all focused on the logo part - the Crown Prince's proprietary logo. The prop department was surprised when I suggested these improvements, and then thanked me for providing the precious information. It seems I'm still quite competent as an assistant.

Another major achievement today - I got "The Living Joor'rad"'s autograph and had the pleasure of taking a picture with him!

Surprisingly, "The Living Joor'rad" was on the set today! As a rule, he doesn't appear on the set when there is no scene to film. But this time was very special, he seemed to come to the set specifically, seems to be specifically to meet with Dad. Well, it's no wonder, come so many years not seen... a peer, and indeed there is a special reunion of significance.

What surprised me was that, unlike the creepy "Emperor Style" he used to have in public (including last week), he looked especially... friendly today. It was really special to see such a kind expression on a "face of the Emperor". Not only that, I even feel that, as a senior, his attitude towards Dad, at some point, seemed a little too, say, polite.

"The Living Joor'rad" readily agreed to my request for a photo. When I stood with him, I always felt that he was in a special state - I could feel that his breath was a bit unusual at this moment. Is it because he rarely takes pictures with fans?

2683.176 Sunny

Today is the first day that Dad and I officially entered the set.

According to the schedule, Dad's first scene will start film on Thursday, which is the day after tomorrow. And the first scene is... well, the final scene of Crown Prince Thrakhath - the final duel with Colonel Blair over Kilrah.

That said, it's more or less strange that an important character is the first to be filmed in the last scene of the entire script. However, when you think about it, it is understandable, after all, Dad will have this scene filmed in flight suit and helmet throughout, and the Crown Prince's helmet actually only reveals half of his face through the glass, that is, the acting requirements may be slightly lower?

But, to put it another way, all facial expressions have to be expressed through the eyes, which in a sense is more difficult. Probably with this in mind, the acting director, Mr. Haikri, asked Dad to work a little overtime today and made sure he ate up the mentality of the Crown Prince at that time.

During the lunch break, I asked Mr. Haikri about the last round of auditions last week, and he told us in great detail about, well, how should I put it, which really surprised me.

It turns out that Dad's angry reaction to "Maniac" Biff's very bad comment... was really scary. I was standing at the side of the stage, so I didn't see it, but Mr. Haikri said that at that moment, he saw the eyes of the Crown Prince Thrakhath in countless people's nightmares. This performance received unanimous full marks from the judges - including, of course, "Maniac" Biff.

What made me laugh even more was that the next three candidates imitated the move, so poor "Maniac" Biff was grabbed by the collar and liftted up three more times, and the last time he sat on his hip because the collar of his shirt was ripped off, and spilling coffee on his shirt and all over the floor! --Mr. Haikri said it was a very high-grade Earth made cat poop coffee, and luckily it wasn't hot.

After hearing this, Dad was in a much better mood, and his afternoon was full of energy. By the end of the evening, Mr. Haikri said there should be no more problems.

A very fulfilling day.

2683.177 No weather in the space

Starting today, we're going to be in orbit for a few days.

These next few scenes are mostly space battle scenes, and the crew is planning to actually use real fighters to film some scenes. In order to save time, the studio rented a sightseeing ship on the track, where our part of the cast and crew will stay. There is actually another option, which is to stay on the ground in the Kilrah theme park area, but naturally we won't choose to stay there.

In fact, the sightseeing ship takes the shape of a Kilrathi corvette. Normally, it is part of the theme park, and when making a movie, it is for filming purposes.

Seeing the ship from afar on the shuttle, it occurred to me that Mom and our aunts might have been meeting Dad on a corvette of this style at the time. I quietly asked Mom and got an affirmative answer. Wow! It seems they can recall a lot of things here.

Jedediah was excited to be on board the "warship" for the first time and couldn't wait to look around. However, he was not so happy when he saw the small crew cabin. Luckily, we were staying in a separately furnished apartment-style room Suite. Sitting on the wide soft bed, Jedediah whispered to me that although he had often seen it in documentaries and movies, he still felt... very humble when he actually saw those crew bunks. Yes, the warship is designed for war, comfort naturally is a second demand.

However, after that, we inadvertently discovered a big secret!

During the lunch break, Jedediah hurried over and dragged me to look at something - some claw marks on the storage room door panel. While old details in theme park facilities are not uncommon, the claw marks here... looked just like Aunt Thelma's! I rushed back to my room and compared it to the suitcase Aunt Thelma had scratched on - yes! These claw marks are unique to Aunt Thelma!

We immediately contacted Aunt Thelma and sent a holovid. After seeing the claw marks, Aunt Thelma was silent for a long time. She then instructed us to check the crew bunks, briefing room, hangar and bathroom - and yes, we found Aunt Thelma's claw marks in all of these places, each slightly different from the other and not uniformly replicated.

This means that this ship is not some tourist ship built to look like a Kilrathi frigate, this is simply the corvette that Mom and our aunts were on back then itself! It was sold, then it went to Planet Movie Studios, and then it was made to look like it does now!

We couldn't wait to tell Dad and Mom about it. But when we got to Bridge and saw Mom and Dad watching the star ocean side by side , I pulled Jedediah back.

And, I heard Mom and Dad talking:

“So, the war is coming to an end.”
“But at such a heavy price.”

“Yes… but please save your sympathy, honey. Retribution for our crimes was inevitable.”
“Then where should we go now? You know… you cannot go anywhere in Kilrathi territory.”

“To human space.”
“Are you sure?”

“Yes… Kilrathi are not welcome in much of the galaxy, but there must be a place to accommodate us.”
“Let's hope so.“

“When a planet like that is found, what would you like to do first?“
“I’d wanna take a long walk along the seashore, I wanna feel the sand between my toe beans - - and never see another bulkhead."

“Sounds good to me. Well, as I can finally get rid of that princely robe from today onwards, we will buy a lot of land for farming, and have a lot of cubs. I will be Farmer Zeke, a happy father.”
“We could name my first cub Jedediah. It is a good name for a boy.”

“Maybe you'll have a girl first!”
“That's really hit the jackpot. What should I name her?”

“Your decision?”
“Then we could name her... what was that human name again, Dorothy.”

2683.178 No weather in the space

Dad is officially on camera!

Although I had been informed before, I was still blown away when I arrived at the hangar and those fighters were really presented to us. The first was the Confederation's F-103 heavy fighter Excalibur, which was the first type of the Confederation to put cloaking technology into actual combat. Second, naturally, was the Crown Prince's Super Fighter Bloodfang MK III, the ultimate improvement of the Bloodfang, with that impressive aggressive form factor.

Jedediah is much more familiar with these than I am. In his bedroom, he has a plastic model of the Excalibur vs Bloodfang MK III that he put together and painted himself. In fact, he once wanted to make a "Kilrah's Last Hour" themed scene, but stopped after Aunt Louise said that having that scene above his bed might give him nightmares about the dreaded Emperor.

Today Jedediah wanted to join the work, but unfortunately, since he is not a registered crew member, and in today's set there were "super valuable precision props", he and other extraneous people were strictly prohibited from entering. Even I, as an actor's personal assistant, was not allowed to approach the two fighters. Of course, these two fighters were modified accordingly - weapons were all unloaded and replaced with movie props, and the cockpit cameras were replaced with filming models.

And today, we finally met the famous Director, Ms. Christina. In recent years, she has directed several serious historical dramas that have been well received, and it is only natural that she is in charge of this new version of Heart of the Tiger. She is indeed very busy, must constantly back and forth in several sets, today she was also just from another set in that “Tiger's Claw”.

What surprised me was that "The Living Joor'rad" also appeared along with her. The usual mysterious old actor recently appeared so often without his own work was really a surprise to me. Maybe he just really wants to talk to my dad, who used to be another imperial royal stand-in.

Dad made a request to the director that he would like to fly Bloodfang himself to finish the scenes. To me, it's not surprising that Dad had this idea, after all, as a former stand-in of Imperial Crown Prince, he had and had to have qualified fighter pilot skills. Aunt Louise once told me it was such skills that allowed Dad to have a chance to escape.

However, the head of props said given that the fighters were specially leased to the crew by the federal military, it had to be piloted by designated qualified pilots. This is quite natural, although Dad's fighter piloting ability is qualified, but after all, he only has a farm plane pilot's license now. Let an intra-atmospheric farm plane pilot fly a cosmic space fighter... unreasonable.

However, to my surprise, something happened. The director simply left for a moment. A few minutes later, she returned and stated that Dad's request had been granted on a special basis! This is really shocking, it seems that Dad's identity as the Crown Prince's stand-in is really something!

Before the test flight, Dad, in the flight suit, slowly came before the Bloodfang and let out a long breath. I think, at this time, Dad's feelings must be very complicated. After all, he had been separated from fighters for 14 years, and in between, he was finally free from his former nightmare, living the life he had dreamed of since childhood, with Mom and aunts, with us cubs. Today, in this way, he rubbed shoulders with his former self again, which must have been a very emotional moment. He hugged me and then entered the cockpit.

After that, I realized that I may have underestimated Dad once upon a time.

Now, I'm not at all surprised that he wanted to be a bounty hunter before. Dad completed all the required flight maneuvers with quality and consistency. Several difficult maneuvers, Dad was successful in one go, causing a gasp from the crew. After the actual filming started, I found that the Excalibur pilot, a stunt pilot, was a bit unable to keep up with Dad's movements. After the first CUT, "The Living Joor'rad" stuck out two fingers. I asked him if he meant we needed at least two more times to get a good record, and his reply was that if this had been a real battle, the Excalibur would have been shot down twice. Ugh... I think I know why it's important to make strict confirmation again that the fighters had been fully disarmed minutes ago.

After repeated practice, today's aerial combat scenes were completed with very high quality. After Dad got off the fighter, he hugged me again to the applause of everyone. Everyone huddled around the director in front of the monitors, double-checking all the details. After confirming that there was no mistake, everyone cheered. For Dad, his career as an actor was off to a good start.

I noticed that throughout the process, there was also a cameraman who kept following the process of our work. It seems that this was in preparation for the production of "Behind the scenes". Hee hee, Stupid Todd, I look forward to your surprised and envious look.

2683.179 No weather in the space

Today's filming task focused on the dialogue part of the duel between the Heart of the Tiger and the Crown Prince. We also finally met with Mr. Williamson, who played the lead role in the movie. As the role of Luke in the holovid version of Star Wars this century, Mr. Williamson is the idol of countless fans. He is not only a great actor, but more importantly, his Luke looks just like the same character in the original Star Wars movie of seven centuries ago, and this is the main reason why he is now cast Colonel Blair, the Heart of the Tiger.

The work went well. During the break, Dad looked silently at Mr. Williamson, who was concentrating on working with "Maniac" Biff on their lines, and was lost in thought. I knew that Dad must have been thinking about the real Heart of the Tiger, Col. Blair, our family's former neighbor.

That was before I was born. After wandering the universe for almost a year, Dad and my aunts finally arrived in our current home planet. Dad bought the old Douglas place just down the road, thousand hectares of prime farmland at a bargain price. A dream came true. But what surprised Dad even more was that our neighbor was Blair the Heart of the Tiger, who had retired from the military to work as a farmer! After some mischief, Dad managed to become Tiger Heart's friend and spent a peaceful time together. Then, we cubs were born. Around the time of my birth and before Jedediah was born, Colonel Blair was recalled to active duty and has since crushed Black Lance's conspiracy to save the Confederation and even we Kilrathi once again.

Regrettably and inexplicably, however, at a moment when his personal reputation was at its peak, Colonel Blair became a shameless man overnight because of a very irrational act of madness in full view of the public, and thereafter chose to go into self-imposed exile. He passed by the farm and picked up his kitten and puppie. That was the last time we saw Heart of the Tiger.

Looking at the vast sea of stars, Dad murmured to himself:

"Heart of the Tiger, where are you now? Have you really passed the Last jump point? Have you found your paradise? Or you are..."

"Maybe he is somewhere in the universe leisurely sipping coffee, looking forward to the release of the movie", "Maniac" Biff came and said, "and then download a copy without payment."

2683.180 No weather in the space

Dad's first day off after officially joining the crew. Dad was tired from the first two days of filming and needed to rest, while Jedediah had a great interest in the set, so today I took Jedediah for a walk around.

Jedediah still couldn't get enough of the fighters, but it's really not easy to accommodate - after all, these fighters are federal military equipment, they are currently parked in the hangar. In accordance with the official rules of the fighter hangar in the management, authorized entrance. Looking at Jedediah's disappointed face, I reassured him that maybe there would be a photo opportunity after all the filming was done, and Jedediah nodded.

To our surprise, we met the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy! I asked him which set he had been on recently and he surprised both me and Jedediah with his answer - at the "Palace" and the " KIS Hvar'kann"! So the scenes he was involved in were about the royal family, which I didn't expect! However, when I asked about the details, he scratched his head and replied that he was only in the practice stage, and his performance was not yet on point, so the director felt that there was room for improvement - the key point was that his costume was not quite right either, making him move awkwardly. Well, with a body like his, maybe he really needs custom-made clothes to do that. But then again, he said, his family was sending over a proper suit. And now he was just waiting here for his grandfather - his grandfather was going to deliver the clothes himself. Wow, it seems that this old grandfather is really excited about his grandson being part of the movie.

We were chatting when suddenly "The Living Joor'rad" appeared like a ghost in a cloak and startled us. I really feel a bit surreal, usually so mysterious a big movie star, who was usually difficult to get an autograph from, recently appeared around me so frequently... It seems this movie is really important. The Living Joor'rad" also embraced him warmly. We asked tortoiseshell fur muscle guy to take a group photo of us, and of course, we didn't forget his one.

At that moment, a shuttle landed and tortoiseshell fur muscle guy's grandfather arrived!

It was only when I really met the old Kilrathi that I realized what genetics means - this grandfather was unusually tall and imposing (and of course tortoiseshell fur). Apparently tortoiseshell fur muscle guy's sturdy build is the family advantage. The grandfather was pulling a huge suitcase, and found his grandson.

After "lecturing" his grandson, the old grandfather happened to catch a glimpse of me, Jedediah and "The Living Joor'rad" next to him. As expected, the presence of "His Majesty the Emperor" made him shudder. Tortoiseshell fur muscle guy surely had to explain the situation.

However, when Jedediah and I were introduced to the old grandfather, the shocked expression on his face that had just faded came back again. He stared at Jedediah for seconds, and even nose twitched a few times to sniff the smell, and then shook his head, showing a look of incomprehension, muttering to himself: "Am I so old now? Not to mention the eyes, my nose is day dreaming too..." This inexplicable performance let me and Jedediah feel a little confused.

"The Living Joor'rad" was still in time to say to ease the embarrassment. Yes, so all of us took a group photo. "The Living Joor'rad" was naturally in the middle, and the old grandfather said that he would never follow my suggestion to stand next to "The Living Joor'rad", but must stand on the far left, and also lean back a step - and our tortoiseshell fur muscle guy was also ordered by his grandfather to stand on the far right.

Hey, it seems that the "emperor's" face still has a great deterrent effect on those old generation of imperial legacy senior people.


2683.181 No weather in the space

So annoying! How come stupid Todd is here at Planet Movie Studios too!

Early this morning I got a message from this idiot saying he wanted an autograph of my dad - the message was followed by several holo images from his autograph book with the signatures of several of the cast and crew! Even from "The Living Joor'rad"! How can this be! How is this possible? It must have been forged with Holoshop!

I'm not a big fan of collecting autographs from celebrities, but Jedediah is a master at it. This time he also brought his autograph book, trying to collect all the autographs of the main actors of the movie at once. As mentioned, yesterday he got the autograph of "The Living Joor'rad", which was the hardest one to get. Tomorrow he will go to the set with me and try to collect a few more.

Tomorrow's set is on the ground, in the Kilrah theme park, is some conversation scenes of imperial court politics. Because these scenes mainly depict the era of Crown Prince Gilkarg, so tomorrow there will actually no Dad's scene. However, as a former stand-in for Thrakhath, Dad was invited to join the historical advisory panel for these scenes - supposedly at the suggestion of "The Living Joor'rad" - and he is naturally the main character in tomorrow's lead. Ah, this is fantastic.

Jedediah suggested we go watch the classic Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This would have been great, but at the theater, I found out that stupid Todd had come to watch the movie with his parents, and they were sitting in the back row behind us!

Although Todd's parents were as well behaved as usual, stupid Todd was as annoying as ever - I was paying attention to him at first, and he did nothing, but at the climax of the movie, when we were all engrossed in the touching drama, the idiot was up to his old trick again - He quietly tied my tail and Jedediah's together, and this time with a bowknot! After the scene, as usual, I chased after him and herded him into the men's room, while I put a stop with a customary roar outside the door.

But... I immediately realized that I seemed to have screwed up because here wasn't our school...

Sure enough... Holovids of me chasing stupid Todd appeared on several entertainment media pages: "Angry young Kilrathi girl chases a Terran teenager - sources close to the situation say the girl is a Heart of the Tiger cast member". And my roar was reposted in all sorts of ways - what am I supposed to do! I surely can't put my claws on him, right? Human skin hurts easily.

Nothing good can come from meeting this guy! Luckily, when I get to junior high school next semester, there's a good chance I won't be in the same class as stupid Todd - maybe he'll be kicked to West Campus, which would be even better!

2683.181 overcast sky

Today, our family finally arrived at the Kilrah theme park for the first time.

I learned early on that advanced technology was used here to almost completely simulate the climate of the various continents of Kilrah in several areas totaling several hundred square kilometers. And the most central of these dozens of square kilometers restores an imperial capital - the central palace area is 1/1, and the further around the area, the smaller the scale. As far as I know, there are some wealthy old Kilrathi who come to live here for a period of time every year, saying that they come for nostalgia - in fact, Kilrah has long been exclusive to the emperor's family and the emperor's close relatives, these people just come to enjoy a handful of psychological luxury consumption.

When I arrived at this place, I first felt that the environment was a little too dark - after all, I was born and raised on a planet with plenty of light. The Kilrah style low-light, multi-geothermal environment makes me a little uncomfortable psychologically. Dad is naturally no problem, after all, he spent a lot of time on Kilrah as a stand-in for the Crown Prince.

Coming to the entrance of the "Palace", I still think this building... is big and tall, right? I don't want to use some positive words to describe it, after all, the real palace had so many terrible things happened inside, and after that, disappeared with the whole Kilrah.

Next, a happy topic.

At the entrance of the "palace", Jedediah and I met tortoiseshell fur muscle guy!

Today he was completely different, equipped with a powerful and intricately decorated Imperial Guard armor! As the saying goes, armor makes the Kilrathi. And beside him, in addition to our Mr. Haikri the Performance Director, there was his grandfather. This old grandpa was so strict on teaching his grandson, and his claws were so heavy when he was correcting his grandson’s posture that I almost felt the pain.

To be honest, I didn't want to disturb them when I saw how seriously they were practicing. However, for some reason, the grandfather froze a second when he saw us and then took the initiative to greet us (wow), and the tortoiseshell fur muscle guy was then given a seemingly rare break.

Through this chat, we learned that in this movie, tortoiseshell fur muscle guy would play the roles his grandfather and father, the two imperial guards in the old days. It turns out that tortoiseshell fur muscle guy has a very impressive family. For several eights of eight years, their family has served in the Imperial Guard for generations. In the generation of the old grandfather, the family obtained the qualification to be the guards at the gate of the Imperial Palace, which was regarded as a great honor. After the old grandfather retired, tortoiseshell fur muscle guy's father was sent to the Crown Prince of Thrakhath's flagship as a guard, and it was for this reason that he escaped from the destruction of Kilrah. After the war was over as well as the Empire was gone, tortoiseshell fur muscle guy's father took a part-time job helping the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans' honor guard do training. But instead of carrying on the family tradition, tortoiseshell fur muscle guy became a bodybuilding instructor.

Frankly, my heart was relieved to know that they were only honor guards. We know, the guards inside the palace, they surely were not ceremonial guards, and to the level of the Emperor's personal close guards, they were some scary monsters. SLORTH, the royalist who occupies the Anchorage System today, was once the emperor's personal... say, bodyguard who is recognized as dishonorable, was one of them. The mere mention of their name can make a lot of Kilrathi let out a gasp. Some irresponsible parents have even invented a phrase to discipline their naughty cubs: "If you make any more mischief, SLORTH will come and take you into the dungeons of the palace!"

Jedediah curiously asked the old grandfather if he knew back then that sometimes the Crown Prince or even the Emperor passing in front of him were not the real lords, but their stand-ins. The old grandfather was obviously embarrassed by this nonsensical question. He thought for a moment and answered with this sentence.

"The sire holding the scepter on top of the throne is His Majesty the Emperor."

Indeed, as an ordinary guard, to casually wonder if the royal family member was a stand-in, was looking for trouble.

It was very warm, so Mr. Haikri took us to the store and bought us fruit juice. While drinking, he whispered to us that the old grandfather was actually very strict all the time and was quite mean to people who disturbed their training, and today was the first time he made an exception.

Thinking back to the old grandfather's words, I vaguely felt that there was something else I hadn't sorted out. What is it?

2683.182 rainy

It was raining non-stop since morning.

The filming was postponed because Dad suggested changes to some of the lines.

It was at yesterday's crew meeting that Dad suggested that some of the lines didn't match the expressions used in the court back then, and some details could be better. "The Living Joor'rad" agreed with Dad's opinion. In view of their special position in the historical advisory group, the director and the scriptwriter immediately decided to make corrections to the script. I was not allowed to take part in the script revision today - I understand that this is probably because I am still a minor. After all, there are some things in the court that are not suitable for today's cubs to be exposed to.

Jedediah, seeing that I had nothing better to do, offered to walk around the "palace" and even offered to go see the "dungeon"! Well, seriously, although we all know that this place is fake, just a set, but the entrance to the "dungeon" the extremely eerie design still makes us feel uncomfortable. Not far inside, Jedediah said he suddenly want to go to the restroom, I also said I was thirsty to go buy water - we looked at each other with a smile, and left the place.

We Kilrathi has prided ourselves on our bravery and fearlessness since ancient times. However, the dungeons of the palace, together with the Emperor's personal inquisitors, could become a nightmare in the hearts of countless Kilrathi people, its horror can be imagined. Whenever I think of the Emperor and his Kiranka's royal members who unscrupulously maintain the throne firmly, and so many people lost lives - including my grandfather - because of them, I always feel uncomfortable.

But then I saw a holovid of Stupid Todd in the "dungeon" in the info stream! This idiot is really dumb!

At the gate, the old grandfather was still training his grandson tortoiseshell fur muscle guy, and Mr. Haikri was also braving the rain to assist - I understand that there are some ethnic groups in Firekkan who don't like their feathers getting wet, and Mr. Haikri seems to be one of them. Well, when I saw him drenched, I even felt it a bit funny, but, seeing him so serious and dedicated, my respect arose spontaneously. We did not bother again.

To be continued...
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