Dorkathi's Shipyard


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alright, i've started the work on the Dorkathi. Here si what i have so far ;)




While it's a nice work already Cyberion, i feel it's one of those ships that has a strange design. From a technical view, for a transport, it's design is a wast of room / cargo space. A bit like the 2 other cargo ships ( Lumbari, Dorkir ). Is it me, or did the WC creators deliberatly try to make the Transports look strange, vs the fighters / carriers, giving them a more cooler view.


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update before i go to sleep ;) Enjoy!



@Argentus: well we may only guess... Personaly I like ship designs. What i do not like is the coloring and texturing of those ships. That's mainly why they looked wierd. Cause of the silly texturing.


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hmm...looks like someone has received some 'special references'...hopefully the leaks been plugged if so. shapin up well.
Very cool!

What I did was take screenshots of the Gamal Gan (Grimalkin) in WC2SO2 and send them to Cyb. We're ending up having a mix of rounded WC1/2 designs and angular WC3 designs... well why not, look at WW2 airplanes and their design is all over the place.


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BradMick said:
hmm...looks like someone has received some 'special references'...hopefully the leaks been plugged if so. shapin up well.

Brad i used reference images and not the model. But if you are willing to give me a model, i'll be glad ;)

@Spirit: btw Spirit, i did not recieved any images, could you resend them plz :D
Screenshots of the Gamal Gan from WC2:SO2. The model looks absolutely great, it's just missing the small "control pod" that I can see...

Also, I think that textures should be more in line with the more subdued WC3 style.

(I know, small res -- sorry, that's what WC2 was running at. 320x200 I think... It looks better if you zoom in.)


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yeah, fact is though that i don't have to have the models to model the ships. and its not a matter of advantage, the models aren't supposed to be out there floating around.

anyway, i'll render up the dorkathi high res for you tonight cyb when i get home from school.

nice to see the unregistered gentlemen chose to remain that way as well. coward.

and as an extra point of note.....if it were to be said the models could be released today, tommorrow, whenever...i'd have the up'd and ready for everyone and anyone who wanted them. since thats not the case, i will not do what i'm not supposed to.

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The Dorkathi model has been available for download at the CIC for a while - it's one of the ships we needed new textures for.


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@Spirit: sure, the textures will be less colorful and fit into WC3 style ;) and thx for the images.

@Brad: thx Brad, the reference images will be a quite help, thx bud. Just in case, this unregistered guy was not me, but he made me to smile (sorry couldn't resist ;))

@LOAF: you had Dorkathi for download? WOW, never saw any. mind link or is it a secret?


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thx Brad, thx LOAF.

well it seems that i won't need that original model, cause it's almost the same as i modeled the one, hehehe ;) but those two others look promising, although have no feeling to model them.

@Brad: btw i just thought that having Isometric render will be amazingly helpful. Not for Dorkathi only, but for every ship you are making reference there. Cause sometimes its difficult to imagine how it looks like in isometric this would greatly help me and others.