Does WC:P have spoilers to WC3 and 4?


Hi. New here, veteran of WC1, 2, and privateer. Just ordered copies of WC3, 4, and prophecy (the old PC version mind you). Prophecy just arrived, i wanted to know if there are spoilers in it to WC3 and 4 (which will arrive in a matter of days), or can i safely play it without major spoilers?

Also, how does the DOS version of wc3 work in windows me environment? (yes i know that OS sucks...) I played command and conquer just fine, no sound issues, and i believe they are from the same time period, to give an idea.

Heck, does WC4 have spoilers to wc3? (as if i shouldn't know that... but from the sounds of it WC4 has a different enemy from WC3, as does prophecy) just in case wc3 wont run right for me.
There are a few... Obviously to WC3 in the great scheme of things and to some details in WC4. I don't think it'll ruin the game though, You'll just remember the reference when You see it in the game.
Well obviously the most basic spoilers in Prophecy would be the cast members that are in Prophecy and also in WC4. Obviously, they're not going to be dying any time soon.

Prophecy also has a comment early on in the game (during one of the mission briefings) that could tip you off about the villian in WC4, so if you haven't already picked up who it is by browsing the boards here, you might want to wait to play Prophecy.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot the part where Johann tells Dryttmar about Flensmört

(The names have been altered to protect the innocent)
I do know that the enemy in WC4 is some colonial rebellion, some 'border worlds', but thats it. Didn't pick up any names, and ive passed the part where you rescue maniacs wingman, whom ejected in the asteroid field (started playing after reading first two posts, got far fast.... addicting game. Cant wait for the prequels!). By passed it, i mean i just finished it, and havent shecked too see what the next mission is.
Um...I've played all three many times but I don't remember the reference you guys are talking about. Maybe I'm paying too much attention to Reloaded (ah, bootlegs) right now. But, back onto should be fine, other than the reference that they're talking about which I don't remember, there's no significant plot spoilers. But the progression in the series is probably the best thing to do.
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The intro to WCP will sort of give away the ending to WC3.

Well - not that the ending is all that surprising (sides some little details).
I already knew that the Kilrathi are (somewhat) defeated in three, but i could be wrong.

Say, under the assumption that 3 will work fine, will it at least detect my sidwinder controller? If not, does the keyboard controll setup work similar to WC1 and 2?
I dont know about your joystick but the keyboard layout is pretty much the same for all wc games with the exceptions of Privateers. Theres probably a few extra fuctions maybe. But personaly I would use the mouse and keyboard if my joystick wasnt working before i would use just the keyboard.
In ME if it's the original DOS version of WC3, the Sidewinder won't work. It worked for me on the Kilrathi Saga, but in the original, it won't.
Hmm... in my profile editor there is a MS DOS emulation setting i can set, and i can choose thrustmaster or ch flighstick pro in it. Will that perchance do anything at all?

God, gotta wait til moday and possibly later for 3 and 4 to arrive... oh well.
Originally posted by IonMage
Hmm... in my profile editor there is a MS DOS emulation setting i can set, and i can choose thrustmaster or ch flighstick pro in it. Will that perchance do anything at all?

If it plugged into the USB port that is a no. WC3 DOS does direct hardware queries to the gameport. You migth want to consider buying a cheap analogue stick however?
Heh, of course the USB ports are the only thing i got! Oh well, the lkeyboard controls arent TOO bad, its what i used to play WC1 and 2, so im somewhat used to it.

One noticable tip off in the intro WCP:

No Kilrah...

I guess.

Meaning... (conclude it yourself)
Yeah, figured out the "son of Iceman" thing out early on, and that blair was there as well. Heck, i just finished prophecy yesterday!

Now, to finish the WC experience and play 3 and 4... when they arrive (today or tommorrow i believe)