Does the Hurricane look familiar to anyone...?


Hey wingnuts! Am I imagining things, or is there a little bit of a family resemblance there...?

@Bandit LOAF , coincidence? I think not...




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jea...and I got one. Melt the CCU Upgrade from the Gladius to the Vanguard. Have 9 Recruits and with nr. 10 i would get the Gladius.

And i hate already again the official RSI Forums...

"Why it costs that much???"
"Why a manned turret and not slaved??"
"Can I have the slaved turret on my Hornet??!!"

FGS. They cry because it Need another Player or NPC in that turret. In a multiplayer game...seriously?? What they do if they find out you Need 5 or more People for ships like the Carrack??? If you ask me - they pick the wrong game!

But just a question @Ben:
Stats single TR2 - Pics Show 2 engines and from the Brochure it should be fast and agile but very low armored. Looks like it is a Super Gladius with more firepower and 2 man Crew. It fits now perfect for my Polaris Hangar :D

PS: I fight with myself ^^ as Joystick Player fixed guns
Config A: 2 Reverant gatlings Size 4 + 4 Mantis 220 Size 3
Config B: 2 Combine 788 + 4 Tarantula MK3
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Hmm, that was my first thought as well, looks very familiar!

I still have my Golden Ticket from waaaay back in the day, might have to break down and get the game one of these days. Once a sizeable single player component is released.


The Scimitar is exactly what I saw too. Unfortunately (or the contrary, not sure yet), it's not a ship I really need so I'll be taking a pass on this one.

Ever since they fixed up my Super Hornet I haven't needed anything else from Anvil...yet.

As I understand this fighter is a 200 year old design in canon from the Tevarin wars. Artillery firing fighters designed to crack holes in the shield phalanx ships the race liked to use in large-scale battles.

@Klavs81 - I'm not a fan of PvP in general but despite the current small size I'm rather enjoying the slice of the PU. There are criminal players but a lot of law abiding players as well. Battles with other players are very avoidable as most encounters begin in multi-kilometer distances well out of weapons range. Plenty of time to pick a QT (Quantum Travel, think intra-system warp drive) point and zip away. I've shouted for support in global to rare instances of pirate players in force to have several eager hunters jump in and support. Even bagged a few myself in something as small as an M50.

I don't even touch Star Marine.

I personally can't wait for more singleplayer action but the mini-PU has been a breath of fresh air. This statement comes from a man who, by habit and nature, despise PvP arena games. If there's no plot there's no point to me. I keep getting pleasantly surprised.


Same boat here, Klavs. Passed on a new gaming rig again this year to buy the missus a clothes washer and dryer for the new house. God willing, it'll finally happen next year. Current rig was bought in 2010 and it was largely obsolete then, but still better than what I was working with at the time...

One of these days, y'all will see me out there. Might not have anything better than that Aurora, but I'll be there...


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So, you guys mean that Star Citizen references Wing Commander? Why, who would have ever expected that? :D

My initial thought was that the resemblance is a bit too much. But then, with the big gun on top, and the engines sticking so far out of the back, it's not excessively similar. I guess it's just about right in terms of conveying a sense of familiarity to WC fans without being unoriginal.


Just for the official response: I asked Ben about it on chat over at CIG, and he says the resemblance is coincidental. The concept artist wasn't familiar with the Scimitar at all. Go figure!

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It's possible CR had the Scimitar in mind when he was giving feedback to the concept artist... but I don't think it was conscious!