Do you also have little Kilrathis?


Do you also have little Kilrathis?

I got one roughly five months ago, and since then this little black girl turned my life upside down. So how about you?

I must say that my favorite action of hers is when she jumps in front of my screen just in the worst moments. I think I replayed over a dozen missions because of her last time I played Wing Commander 2... Spelling errors are caused by her, too.

One - one would be easy. Five are a bit on the fun side. Especially if the clans hate each other. Now try to down some Drakhai while sorting out the local differences at the same time. That is my kind of fun ;-)
The real kilrathi are those :
Stop now.

Um, not entirely sure what was wrong with my comment but ~~~.

I agre with Delance actually, yorkies do look more like wookies than kilrathi, although i'd also say that the kilrathi look more like lions than cats (that said, I've never seen a lion stalk the way my girlfriends kitten does so maybe the kitten is more like the kilrathi
Sorry McGruff, I already have two.

At least there was only one kitten in the litter before the mom was neutered.
Aw, come on, aren't we in the same town and everything? Kittens are small, you'll hardly even notice they're there.
I think Wing Commander at an impressionable age had something to do with my inate hatred of cats.

L.o.l.cats just made it worse.
Cute kitten in the photo, the yorkie really looks like a wookie... maybe I'll post some photo of my little scratching creature here too...

How about it, interested?