Display acts strange when i run standoff


Rear Admiral
Ok, this may have been covered elsewhere so i do appologise if it has been but...

I installed standoff o my machine yesterday. It is an Acer Aspire Z series running win 7 64bit. I don't know about the spec of the video card, not that up with these things. I do know that the machine uses a 23" wide screen HD display.

When i ran the game with no compatability all i got was a White screen that faded to a grey screen that changed to horizontal stripes of red blue and green and then through it again. i was unable to get out of this and had to force reset the machine

With win 98 compatability it did the same thing but i had sound and i could get out of it.

When i finally opened it using a small window it worked but i cant move the window and it is in a silly place top left of the screen and it is pretty small.

To the crux, can i ever play standoff in full screen, if no, can i make the small window any larger?