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Did you release Admiral Tolwyn in WC4?

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nah locked him up. this is war and we had the head of the decaying rotten body of confed !!!

doesnt matter tho... maniac lets him go if you do... he gets off either way. fortunate i guess for the plot..

tho to be fair, i did stay with confed at the first juncture - as blair u had no clue of what confed was up to and just had to trust eisen.. if u didnt play wc3 beforehand - u would have very little reason to do so.. would have been uber cool to continue as confed - perhaps as a seperate add-on and play on crushing the BW or joining in on some other interesting spin-off..

but now i'm just babbling.. (big surprise)


Peace Through Superior Firepower
I didn't let him go. I guess I was still holding a grudge after all those years.....


Vice Admiral
i sometimes let him go and sometimes locked him up but thats because I wanna see maniac get scared off being hurt in the next scene.


Rogue Leader
Given that he gets away whatever you choose, I rather let him go than let that idiot Maniac do the job (since when does Maniac have any authority on that tub, anyway). I think I chose to let Tolwyn go the first time I played it as well, even though I already knew beforehand that he was the one responsible for the whole mess.