Developer Website Updated (February 23, 2007)

It's *a* Midway. There's another screenshot of it, from the first batch yesterday (you can see the bottom of the 'pants'.)
So they're taking previous designs and "stylizing" them to fit their scheme? I'm not complaining it looks pretty cool still. Like if the Midway were in the movie, that's how I'd imagine it.
Stylizing somewhat, but only in the same WC1 to WC2 sense -- these are ship models 30 years later, and soon enough you'll see what some of the big differences are for.
It does look that way!

(It wasn't in the version I played -- there was a big boxy space station there... so, they're clearly improving things!)
As much of a WC fan that I am, this is exactly everything WC isn't remembered for.

Multiplayer, lack of story, no characters, 3rd person perspective, brainless, shoot em up, console, no joystick.

I'll wait til EA makes a true sequel to WC, or atleast tries.
Hmmm it looks more like Silpheed with large Imperium starships.

Hopefully EA doesn't flub this up and kill the series entirely. If it is successful I do hope they bring out a real WC game.