Denis Loubet Remembers Aaron Allston (January 19, 2019)


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Former Origin artist Denis Loubet has completed another portrait. This one is a tribute to his friend and fellow Wing Commander veteran Aaron Allston. Sadly, Mr. Allston passed away about five years ago. He was known to us as the original creator of the famous Claw Marks magazine and a designer of The Secret Missions, but he was also an extremely accomplished novelist. You can read more about his life here. You can also find high resolution versions and behind-the-scenes material on Mr. Loubet's work at his Patreon page. He does a lot of cool stuff for Wing Commander and Ultima fans there!

Here is a stealth portrait I've been working on for the last few weeks. It's a portrait of Aaron Allston, my late roommate, premiere game designer, and New York Times bestselling author.

He is most famous for his many Star Wars novels, and yes, Wedge Antilles was a major character. Doc Sidhe is an original urban fantasy series homage to Doc Savage. Both characters are seen here.

I tried to do this piece in the style of Drew Struzan, an artist famous for his many high-profile movie posters. I'm thinking it's not quite there yet. The elements don't fit together effortlessly as in Drew's work. I'm still learning.

Commissioned by one of my thoughtful patrons, I hope it will serve to remind people of Aaron and his magnificent body of work.
Original update published on January 19, 2019