danrik model I made

been awhile since I last posted on these forums, but thought I'd get some crits on this ship considering there is no one more conciencous about wing commander ships then the guys who look through these forums lol.

Just as a note, when I was getting reference pictures of the Danrik I found 3 pictures each with different skin coloration / textures, so as in such I just completely made mine up, (cause it's easier then trying to follow a 80x80 pixel picture lol) hope no one is offended by my making up my own texture, lol

it's no hi res model, at it's 674 triangles I made it for being a ship in a freelancer mod, albeit our mod has nothing to do with WC, I always just liked the shape of the Danrik :D


-these pictures are just screen shots from milkshape, so not as if these pics have been rendered "pretty" lol, need to use another program for that kinda thing

crits? comments? anyone gonna kill me for just making up the texture and not following the originals?


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Hey BL. That's a Privateer 2 ship, right? I've never played the game. Want to, though.

That's a fine model for ingame work. The textures alone are very nice, too. All these Freelancer-Privateer posts are making me want to reinstall Freelancer...


Its good to see someone doing some P2 work . . . it always seems to get 'stepchild' treatment.

As far as ship looks in P2, I'm partial to the Duress, Faldari Mark II, and Skecis. Never liked the look of the Danrik (I think it reminds me too much of a cell phone ;)), though yours is very impressive. Good work.


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Heya! Looks pretty awesome! Only thing I'd add would be some texture detail to the center of the cockpit... so it looks like there's slots for a guys legs or something.


Excellent work on the textures, I especially like the cockpit.

I would love to export that ship to Freelancer.


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It could use a cat asleep on the hood where it's all warm. And let's see those engines. Nice to see epeople doing more Privateer 2 artwork.


Viper61 said:
As far as ship looks in P2, I'm partial to the Duress, Faldari Mark II, and Skecis. Never liked the look of the Danrik (I think it reminds me too much of a cell phone ;)), though yours is very impressive. Good work.


I think the faldari Mk II looks best :p


Black_Lightning said:
here's some more pics, some are from ingame freelancer shots, the main one is a quick render in c4d.

Whoa, cool someone besides myself who uses C4d!!! Thought I was the only one. Good job on the Danrik there, fella!

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Very nice work. On Reckoning we have some other Privateer fighter models; would you be interested in texturing them as well?
well normally to a point on the Excelcia mod we want to keep the models we use to be original and seperate, aka not be models used by other mods. Though I think that was more in general response to people wanting us to take ships from other places like all the good stuff on Astral Prime. But since this was made by me (an avid member of excelcia) that policy could probably be stretched as per it's conotation of not using others but only ones own, and it was made one of "it's" own.

So yes I would be willing to allow this ship to be used in other mods besides excelcias, but I would like to know for which they would be used in. Preferably wc mods, and to my knowledge the only FL wc mod is the reckoning (btw, I posted this danrik non textured in the reckoning forum here a long time ago and didn't seem like anyone from that mod was interested in it.) But for the reckoning I would still allow this ship. For any non freelancer mods it would be ok, just ask.

For texturing others' ships, I try to make it a priciple not to do that, mainly because I have so many untextured ships of my own to finish. Making model meshes is the easiest part of any ship, just look at all the ships on my website I still need to texture, the latest two ships in the concepts ship section of my webpage I spent bout and hour each on to make the mesh; It's going through and making the texture which is always the longest part of making a ship, and tends to be what really makes or breaks designs. I'll spend bout a day just making a perfect uv map for the mesh before even trying to color over pics of the uv maps lol.

edit: @ striker,
btw, c4d is perhaps my favorite 3d modelling program to play in. Very easy to use and still very powerful. I know plenty of people on the milkshape forums who use it just for rendering, cause the demo for c4d is free and unlimited in time, you just can't save your work in it, so many just open their models up in it, use it's advanced renderer, and press "print scrn" to get a good render of their models.


Ok fair enough.

I made the Banshee model for the Reckoning and am working on a couple more and I also converted the last ship pack that APS released.

I am also the lead modeller for the Evolutions mod and I'm always loking for great ships to add to it.

If I'm allowed to use it cool, if not I understand fully.

BTW What is your website URL?