Damage to weapons?


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Someone posted this on another thread... Can it be done in the Vision engine?

McGruff said:
I was wondering why in the newer games, you never lose any guns or missiles due to ship damage? I always thought it was fun to complete a difficult mission in WC1 flying a Hornet with only one functioning laser.


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No, sadly it cannot :(. One thing I've always hated about post-Armada games - no damage to anything that actually counts (afterburners and shield generators excepted). What could possibly be more fun than returning from a mission with no radar, no guns, and just praying that your comms will work long enough for you to be able to get landing clearance? Not an experience you forget :eek:.


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Hehe radars would blow up way too easly. And what about distortion on WC4 when and if you survived an IR head on?

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IIRC, your systems start acting all funny, a la the jammer missions. And of course, your windshield gets all cracked :p


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Maybe it's not... Mr. Brito is pretty busy, and he's having enough trouble finding time to deliver us the patches he already knows how to do :p.


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There's a sort of lens effect on the screen. You see a lot of distortion. Depending on where it is, it can get very hard to pilot.


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Oh, that. I always thought that looked pretty lame, though. You're in space, and something just crashed into your canopy... shouldn't that cause something a tad more serious than just reduced visibility? :p


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I always liked that effect
it gave the impression that the canopy was very strong, yet not impenatrable


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I agree with Filler. Although, I noticed that, no matter how you took the final hit, it always shattered your canopy.


That was probably the supports to the canopy exploding - hitting the edge of the acrylic would hurt it a lot more ...

It'd have to be relatively strong - else it'd suck to hit the pebbles in the middle of an asteroid field ...


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Here's an special effects I'd like to see:

weapons hit causing energy explosions with near-fatal damage to the ship... but not necessarily crippling.


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Would it be interesting to have the canopy as a subsystem? So, a direct hit that destroyed it would either kill the pilot or force him to eject, neturalizing the fighter. (I'm not talking about the vision engine specifically, but as a gameplay thing, sorry if it's off-topic)


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There's an old wwII game called Aces Over the Pacific . . . and another one just like it called Aces Over Europe. Play those if you like sniping cockpits. It works! And, unfortunately, they'll quickly do the same thing to you. Nothing like following Hanz Bayer through a tight loop only to discover that he's led you into his wingman's line of fire from the front, and the first few shots hit, and then your screen fades completely red and the "oops, you're dead" message appears.

Those were good games, btw.


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I have the Aces Collection on CD. Great games. Gave you the chance to go up against the top aces from all sides. I did always hate getting shot in the canopy though...