Damage to weapons


Death's Head said:
All a flight simulation game would need to have in order to appeal to the gaming dummies as well as the hard-core gamers is include an inflight options menu like Prophecy/SO, one that turns on/off things like weapon disabling. This would be simple to use just as turning on/off cockpit struts and such. A little change like that would certainly add a greater sense of realism, as well as the aforementioned difficulty level. If a shield generator can be disabled, why then, not a gun?

Shades of Falcon ... most full-crazy-real physics combat sims have options as such ... but will a company interested purely in the bottom line invest in the extra time the physics engine would take to code?

(EDIT: take physics loosely here to mean physics and damage ... if it were up to me, if you took enough computer damage you'd have to retrothrust each of your turns, you'd lose some of the sound, etc >: )
If I had the skill, I'd do so as well, but since I haven't the skill nor the patiends, that job is all yours...then I can show the world what happens when you cross a Raptor with a power drill $ : ^ )